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    Persons with humanity still now

    When we went to Udupi temple from Mangalore by a car, the car tyre got puncture wnen nearing Udupi. All of us were waiting under a tree. An old man from the house where we stand and asked about . we narrated that we were Chennaites. He called us inside and offered seats to sit. He further told that he was with his son and daughter in law and both of them went to office. He asked one of our ladies to go into the kitchen and prepare tea for all of us including himself. Without hesitation my wife and her sister went inside and prepared tea. After the car got ready we moved from there by expressing our thanks and took a photo with him. I never forget this though it happened in 1993.
    Similar thing I read today in newspaper that a doctor named suryaprakash and his wife offered their house with four bed room for poor public for casual stay where they can cook and eat freely. Others also helping them to continue this service. He kept every thing in the house ready for use. This is in Kothapet,Hyderabad. One should bow for such persons.
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    True. Humanity did not die. It still exists. I remember a day when my BIL brought 15 passengers home from a van which met with a minor accident and the passengers were stranded on road where no hotel was available. By looking at their condition, my BIL brought them home and offered snacks. Milk was not available, and they were served horlicks.
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    Correct. There are people who are good with fellow human beings and help when there is a need. The information about the doctor and his wife I read in newspapers and that is a real service to the needy.
    In our village, there was a rich man. He will eat his food only if there is a guest for lunch. Daily he used to call somebody to take a meal with him. He lived for 85 years. Till the last day, he continued the same practice. He helped many poor students by paying them money for books, uniform and fees. The greatness is that no third person to whom he has given what. Only after his demise, people started talking about the help he got from that gentleman.

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    We always complain that the people are not good and in modern times no one helps others and comments and exclamations like that. But these examples clearly depict that humanity is still there and we experience it many times in our lives.
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    Helping the fellow beings in this world is the biggest trait and very few people possess it and they are literally known as angels of humanity. This world is still a beautiful place because of these angels who come out of nowhere to help the needy. I have also experienced a few people like that in my life and they have left an indelible mark in my mind. One such incident belongs to the time when I was travelling to my home town in a hilly terrain and due to the rains the road was blocked and I along with other passengers was forced to halt in an interior village where there were no modern facilities to stay. In such a situation there were 2-3 persons who accommodated us in the best of the possible rooms available and gave us food for 2 days till our alternate routes were open for us to move ahead. While leaving we asked them the bill but they refused to take any money from us. Then we forcefully gave some money to their children which they could not refuse. It is an unforgettable memory etched in our mind.
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    It is true that humanity is still there in some nook and corner of this world and we are dragged to that place if we destined to get their patronage and service. The author narration that the car was punctured and they are treated for a coffee and that was the good gesture on the both part to reciprocate and agree and this kind of new bonding cannot be forgotten. Same kind of experience I had during late 80's when our car was punctured at 11 pm on the way to Sholapur and there is no puncture shop and that was dense night. Fortunately one bullock cart farmer inquired about our position and offered for a cart drive to his house and next day the vehicle was also repaired and got by his son to his home and we stayed over night there and he offered us pure vegetarian Maratha dinner and that was tasty and unforgetable.
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    Yes, Humanity is still alive in many humans. Just about everyone's view and understanding of him is different. Every human has a desire for humanity and also wants the welfare of all humanity. But some people do not find a suitable way to express their desire or due to adverse circumstances, sometimes they may appear against humanity. But I believe that every human being is full of humanity and if they get the right guidance, they can set a perfect example for human society.
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    Humanity has not died as yet and there are many who would come to your rescue in the event of your distress. The present situation is alarming due to the prevalence of corona phase but despite this odd situation they come out openly for rendering assistance. In my locality, I have noted a painful situation with the death of a noble man due to the affliction of cancer. Though the expenses on that account was massive but despite this he managed to help two poor students studying in class six and seven with the essential financial help to meet their different expenses. He behaved like a good samritan to poor children since 1990 and he even contributed Rs 80,000/- in the year 1992 to DAV School Fund for setting up the school in Bokaro Steel City near sector 4. I am deeply pained to have noted his passing away of this gentleman leaving his unfulfilled task to carry forward by others with the same zeal.

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