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    Result of every action depends our mentality

    We can see many people saying my mind is not alright, I cannot do this etc. It is good to say and not doing a work when mind is not in order. Otherwise if the work is important we should keep our mind away from worry and do the work. Yesterday night my sister without interest prepared dinner tiffin, in which upma have no salt totally and chutney with excess of salt and chilly. Everything gone to to dustbin. Today morning she prepared coffee for us over sugar. I called my sister to take rest and we can oder tiffin and lunch in hotel.
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    Sure. If our mind is not in a correct state, the work we do may not be as expected. When we are thinking about something and doing some other work we can't concentrate on the work Then mistakes bound happen. When the person who is working on some task our concentration should be on that work only. His mind also should be the work he is doing only. Otherwise, such mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes my wife will be adding sugar two times in coffee and afterwards, she says she did it by mistake, These mistakes in professional life will result in have losses and unexpected problems.
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    The life cycle of a human being is filled with many kinds of variations, which include many colors of happiness, sorrow, hope, despair, and victory. Man's defeat and victory in real terms are based on his or her intentions. His victory is inevitable with the sum of the mind, but surely he has to face defeat after losing the mind. The entire life process of a human being is handled by his brain. Our minds and feelings are directly related to the brain. The kind of thoughts we hold in the mind, our body adapts to those thoughts. If our mind and brain are surrounded by despair and depression then our body also becomes relaxed according to it. All our enlightenment dissolves. But on the other hand, if we are optimistic and have a strong desire to find and know something in our mind and we always look towards the future, then we move towards progress according to these positive thoughts.
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    If our mental state is not in order, there are a lot of chances of diversion of attention and in such a situation, we are vulnerable to commit mistakes unintentionally. Adding excess sugar in the tea or excess salt in the vegetable plates is the indication of our disturbed medical condition. If such a phase continues for a long, there may be the colossal loss. Loosing personally due to our mistakes is one part but knowing the same to our circles would create an embarrassing situation and we all would like to avert such situations. Hence this aspect needs to be handled wisely.

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    Mind is the master of our all actions in our lives and if our mind is not steady and is busy elsewhere in thinking about some problems then the result of our actions would not be proper. In such a condition performing a task or taking up a job is of no meaning as it would be simply a waste of time and energy. We have to be calm and composed when we are doing some important work.
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    What the author said is right when we are not doing the things with dedication and care, the results would be negative and even nil. Work has to be liking for us otherwise we may tend to make mistake and thus turn to be damp. One thing is sure our mind and soul should connect to the work, invoke dedication and do the task with much interest and see that every parameter is followed and thus the result would be obvious and winning. There are people around us who want to thwart and prevent our good works and we should be caution with those who try to distract our dedication towards work also. But what I experienced in my life that those who worked with dedication and result oriented are most sought after and they are given more work and thereby the dependence gets more and that brings in laxity also in long run.
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    Generally, it doesnot happen that someone is cooking spoils the taste of food unless the person is angry or mentally disturbed or is in tension or
    is not interest in doing this work or due to absentmindedness or he/she doesnot know how to cook.
    It applies to every work. We should keep our mind calm and focussed on our work or assignment. Sometimes when we are mentally disrurbed we should not start our work, we should wait till we are mentally prepared to do the given work.

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