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    Our academic aspirations should be in accordance with the practical realities of the world

    Today, there is no dearth of educational institutes for increasing ones academic qualifications and there are plethora of study streams available from purely academic to very professional and these are also aligned with latest market trends in the business arena. Many people go on relentlessly pursuing these degrees and proficiency certificates only to find that there is no commensurate job position available for them in the industry. Even if positions are there the demand is much less than the supply of highly qualified persons. This is definitely a sad and bad situation because the purpose of acquiring academic credentials is to make a brilliant career in ones interest area. So, it makes sense to foresee these things and not to participate in the blind race of acquiring higher education and only those who are very laborious and expecting high scores should venture in this higher education pursuit and mediocre student should try to go for some trade or technical certificate which can at least assure them some livelihood. It could even be some business or self employment opportunity rather then wasting 4 to 6 years and getting a PhD or some other higher education in lieu of that prime and precious time of the young age. Members may like to opine.
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    I can't completly agree with the author. Attaining qualifications will have definitely some advantage if you are in the related field. A person who is a post-graduate can join as a lecturer. But he may not become a professor unless otherwise, he gets a PhD.
    My friend joined in a job after his M.Sc and I completed my PhD and then joined in a job. I became chief of R & D and then CEO. At the same time, the other person retired as a laboratory in charge. We both worked in the same organisation and even though he joined before me I was given preference because of my qualification.
    But if the qualification you are acquiring is not in line with your work then what the author is telling may be a correct issue. If I want to join as a software engineer, I can join after my B. Tech if I get an opportunity in a good company. But if we want to join as the software engineer after M.Tech, your qualification may not give any advantage to him.

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    Interesting thread by Umesh sir, debatable and relevant in the current situations. There many degrees holders and well-educated people without jobs in the country while those with no academic degrees but with some skill are doing better in life by earning good money. There should be an entire revamp of the education system and bring in skill development programs and academics together in our colleges and universities to make things more prospective.

    Well, I think academic degrees are as much relevant as other important skill development programs but not certainly in every aspect. In some scenario, those with certain academic degrees are unable to earn due to unavailability of jobs but a person with a small skill development course not only earns but provides employment to others as well. What I feel is those with academic degrees but unemployed, a relevant skill development courses should be there in his or her area of the academic degree to make him or her employable without making the academic degrees irrelevant. This would help him to overcome his unemployment and earn better in life.

    Even if skill development is important, academic degrees can't be made irrelevant but little changes needed to blend academics with skill development for better prospects of a candidate.

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    Aspirants do not get the job in accordance with their qualifications. They just get carried away as they strive to loose hope after a few interviews so final manage to get into any offer that comes their way. They have to get extra professional for the new job choose by them hence adding certificates, wasting number of years and draining their pockets too.
    It is always better to wait and look for the career related to the education which will help in personality development as well as company's development. When we get the job for which we fit naturally our performance will be better. So look close, stay cool and get the job which you are looking for.

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    Nicely said by the author that our academic perusal should be in accordance with the demands of the time. What is the use of aspiring to become a doctor when the parents cannot afford one square meal. What is the use of pursuing higher studies when there is dire need of attention to look after the parents and family with own income. What is the use of acquiring varied knowledge when the job openings are less and there is no guarantee of right job. One thing is sure we may study or go for higher education out of interest or others advise, but how far we are going to be benefited is the thing to be watched with great interest.
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    Education is acquired for knowledge and wisdom and most of the times it makes one eligible for a job also. It is solely not for job purposes. Those who are only bothered for a job should identify what type of work they like and then do some diploma or certificate in that trade and then start working either independently or join a job in the industry. Additional academic aspiration if any can be met even after joining a job by doing some courses in part time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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