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    Which is the least expensive phone facility?

    I prefer calling somebody via the landline to a person who I know has a landline, too, as the call is clear, I can talk comfortably for a good amount of time, there is no fear of a drop and it won't create too much of a dent in my phone bill. When using my mobile phone to call, though, I am invariably in a conundrum and would like to know from you which would be the least expensive way to call somebody from my mobile phone.

    These are the forms of communication-
    1. My landline to their mobile phone.
    2. My mobile phone to their landline.
    3. My mobile phone to their mobile phone.
    4. My WhatsApp call service to their WhatsApp.
    5. My WhatsApp video chat service to their WhatsApp video chat.

    So, can you list the above in order of the least expensive to the most expensive?
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    From the lowest to highest the order is
    1. WhatsApp to WhatsApp either voice call or video call ( The assumption is that when we have a smartphone we will have free data or we may have internet. )
    2. Mobile to mobile of the same network
    3. Mobile to mobile of different network
    4. Landline to Mobile
    5. Mobile to a landline.

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    There are two things in this, one is call time or talk time and other is data. When we buy a landline or mobile plan then we get some talk time and some data which is generally limited to a time period say a month or maybe 3 months or 6 months.

    In most of the cases, a package will be there, say for 84 days, and we have to utilise everything in that otherwise there is no carry forward for the talk time or data. So within that package, there might be unlimited calls also as many companies are providing that if we buy a plan of 3 months or more for an amount of say about Rs 500 or so. The interesting thing is that even if you talk on WhatsApp you are spending your data. There is nothing free there because everything is within that package.

    So generally what people do is first they will use the free calls given with the package and then use the data to call through apps like WhatsApp or Skype or Zoom or Meet etc. That makes the best use of the package and you do not leave anything unused.

    We have to see the total price of the package over the package period say 84 days and compare it with other company package and facilities of free talk time given and from that, we can say which one is costlier and which one is not. Nowadays things are bundled nicely in a package for a period so there is no distinction between how we call a person.

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