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    Fumbling and rumbling of the multi tasking people

    We are living in a competitive world and some of us might be multitasking to increase efficiency and to showcase a startling performance. Even when we are working in the kitchen we can experience that thrill of multitasking by doing many activities simultaneously and if successful we keep that method for future reference also.Many successful people boast about their multi tasking capabilities which distinguish them from the common lot. My experience in this matter is slightly different and I feel that one should not be taking up so many tasks or jobs at the same time and instead stagger them over the weekend. The reasons are obvious that when one does many jobs at the same time then there are more chances of doing errors. Another thing is that some people take up a number of tasks but while attempting are not able to deliver as expected. Then, they start fumbling and rumbling with so many simultaneous task loads on their head. What do the members think?
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    Multi tasking is the asking attitude of the management which want to take maximum work out of each employee and in that case multi tasking has to be fast and proven. But there are people who could not with stand the pressure at work and thus fumble and tumble in the process. Normally the tasks should be short and remembered even after many days of its achievement. But some tasks are continued and that needs to consistency and perseverance and for that constant efforts from the concerned persons needed and there is no respite from that, However multi tasking is not the cup of cake for all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Multitasking is the need of the hour and there is no doubt in that. But if we take more activities than which we can easily handle, we can't do justice to the best possible extent. As mentioned by the author, the chances of committing mistakes are very high when you take many works at a time. The success of multitasking depends on the planning of works. All works need not be started at a time. We have to do in phases. A chemist working in a laboratory will keep a solvent on the burner so that it will slowly get heated. Meanwhile, he will complete a titration and go to the boiling solvent and complete the addition of solute to that so that the solution making will be completed. Like this, if the works are planned chances of mistakes will be less. A lady working in the kitchen is the best example of multitasking. She does many works simultaneously. These days we say them talking over phone or hearing music also while they are busy in cooking.
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    Since childhood, we used to hear that to do one thing at a time, there is a danger of sinking in two boat rides. Perhaps the thinking behind these things of our elders must be working, that concentration is required for good results of any work. Then, with time, the lifestyle started getting busier and busier. In limited time and resources, new ways to achieve better results are being found. To save time and energy, there is no harm in doing many things at the same time, but while doing so you must be sure about the nature and seriousness of the work. Should consider Recognizing the value of time, if one minute of the day is properly used, it can efficiently handle many tasks at one time. after understanding the advantages and drawbacks of the multitasking style, it can be said that if it is adopted in a balanced manner by understanding the nature and seriousness of the work, then its maximum benefits can be achieved.
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    Multitasking is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires stamina, experience, and capacity to take up excess load of work at any instant of time. Many people aspire for it and try to do it but fail miserably. The reason is probably the capability, knowledge, and strength they had for a particular job. Some people do not understand these basic things and just like that expand their working horizon and try to cover up many jobs at a time. This may look thrilling and interesting in the beginning but when the workload increases humans tend to commit errors and mistakes. So one should know what is one's capacity and capability to take up so many jobs at a time.
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