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    Do you love and like Pizza? Do you eat it wholeheartedly?

    Pizza is an Italian food. It is now eaten by Indians. Children like it. It is not cheap but costly. As an Indian, do you really love and like pizza? Do you eat pizza wholeheaterdly? Do you get any satisfaction after eating pizza?

    If you ask me, I would say that Pizza is a useless food.
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    I never take Pizza and similar things from west. I have never tasted how pizza is. I'm pure Desi Indian in eating-habits.

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    I am against the food called pizza which is necessarily a junk food which is eaten for the pleasure and not for the meeting hunger requirement and I have been seeing that many youth and children are fond of this food which is expandable , sticky and we do not know what kind of ingredients are added to jack its price and I bet those who are habitual eater of rice items cannot convince and feel like having taken the food for satisfaction. And I hear that these junk food would create health problems in the long run as contraction of stomach takes place due to dough content in it. Anyway I am against this food.
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    Food is food whether it is Italian, Indian or of any other country. Pizzas are high in calories. The ingradients added make them addictive. The younger generation and especially children like the pizzas very much. From the health point of view they may not be good but appeal to the taste. Once or twice I tasted it but did not like it. Let those who like it have it and those who do not like can keep away from it. It is a fast food and at many places delivered at our doorstep. That makes it convenient to order online and get it. We cannot easily deny our children or grand children when they ask for it.
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    In this world there are many junk foods which have a large amount of oil, ghee, butter, cheese, spices, refined flour, and many other things which give false calorie to the body and definitely not good for our health. At the same time their taste is delicious and people crave for that. Many people do not like bread but when it is given with a lot of butter and garlic with some heating etc it becomes a very tasty mouthwatering dish. So Pizza is also one of those dishes which are in the category of junk food and health conscious people avoid it. I will give an example as why people are tempted to the taste and lure of it. Idli and Dosha are very popular in the Northern India also and are also available plenty in tourist places. We all know that they are tasty foods but what I saw in some Northern towns that the hotel fellows to attract the customer present it in a spicy and full of other ingredients versions and people gulp down them more frequently. So they will put a lot of butter and various vegetables and even noodles on a Dosha and in fact make it like a sandwich and people are crazy for that. A simple steam cooked Dosha may not attract them. No one will like to have a Chapati and Sabji in snacks in the hotels but when it is given as a wrap with a lot of oil, spices, sauce and Parotha form the young generation runs for it in a same way as it runs for Pizza.
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    Pizza is always on the list for most of the kids nowadays. Even my son also likes Pizza a lot but it is not at all healthy food and is difficult to digest. So I usually prepare pizza at home using wheat flour and not the maida (that is not good for health). I also cut down the quantity of cheese to be put on the pizza and add all the vegetables I have in my vegetable basket. So, basically, I have customized the Pizza to make it healthy.

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    I am also not having much liking for Pizza. I can't eat full pizza at a time. Maximum I/4 th of a Pizza only I ate at a time. More than that I couldn't eat the same at any point in time. But my two sons and their wives like having pizza. I had a bitter experience with Pizza. Once my elder son ate a Pizza in an exhibition. After eating that my elder son started suffering from indigestion and motions. He couldn't recover from that problem for about 2 months and finally, we referred him to a very reputed gastroenterologist and after taking his treatment he recovered. This problem added to my dislike of the dish. But my son never stopped eating the same.
    I am an admirer of traditional foods more. I prefer pulihora(Yellow Rice) over biryani or fried rice. I never prefer eating junk food. For better health of the individual, we should avoid junk food.

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    I do not like to eat pizza very much, sometimes on certain occasions once in 3 or 4 months such a kind of food is still fine but not always. The trend of fast food has increased considerably in today's era. Pizza is also one of these fast food. But as much as people eat pizza with fervor, it is also harmful to health. People like to eat pizza very much, but gradually it only spoils our health and body. Maida flour, cheese, and sausages are used more in pizza, but these three are very harmful to our bodies. In this way, the consumption of pizza is harmful and it is better not to consume it. But if you still have to eat pizza, then it should not be consumed regularly at all.
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