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    Humility has millions of friends; arrogance has none

    When we observe people around us, we observe that those who are humble have so many good qualities. For instance, they are willing to help others; they are sort of selfless. Everyone praises them. They quietly do their job. They do not show off at all.

    Rajnikant the Superstar of Tamil Nadu is always respected as a humble human being. He is friendly with everyone. Mr. Subramaniam of the famous Shanthi Social Service group of Coimbatore that offers a decent vegetarian lunch for just Rs20/- and several other tiffin items for very cheap prices was widely recognized as a humble person; when he died a few days ago, after a small period of sickness, thousands turned up to pay homage. The entire city was so sad on that day. Such people are rare.

    We ought to learn from such humble people. We also get to see the arrogant people. Once they have a little more money than others, they start behaving foolishly and do not respect others. They are always hated by others. This is just the opposite of being humble. We need to understand the vital differences between the two and act accordingly.
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    It is the fact that those who are humble and sober are always liked and their follower are more. And if the person happens to be of helping tendency, then the liking for his humbleness and reach out would be growing and sustainable. And those who feed others without expecting anything in return are the great philanthropist because a person gets satisfied only by eating full meal and those who are the great food providers are always admired and followed. Even today there are people who does the great cause of offering food and they have been doing even with no support from the govt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An humble person is respected from the core of heart. People come forward to speak in his support if someone speaks ill about an humble person. Some people are not humble but superficially they show themselves as an icon of humbleness but soon their reality is exposed when anger controls them. All curtains of pretentious bumblebees are shattered and some people who are crooked take his humblness for grantd as stupidity.
    True humble people in in minority, major part of this society belongs to aggressive and bad people. However, everbody tries to display that he is an humble person.

    Now a days an humble person can not face rude and aggressive people. Many people like rude people who hit others with bad language and it is becoming a trend in our society. e.g. while watching debate shows you can notice how anchors shout at selected participants. Are they really anchors? Nevertheliss, many of us like these loud speaking peoole. This is a reality of our small world.

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    I do agree with the author's view. A humble person is respected by everyone. Wherever this kind of people goes gives positive energy. This kind of people is considered as the representative of God. Nowadays, It is very difficult to get such kind of person. Some people are as, in our society who try to cheat on the name of humble.
    Most of the people found in our society are selfish and arrogant in nature. Such kind of people spread negativity everywhere rather than helping others. Many people like outspoken people. So, there are bad speaking people increasing in our society day by day.

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    Humility is the best among human qualities because if a human is humble, then the feeling of social welfare will be realized. People these days are so busy with themselves that they fulfill their needs and desires and often ignore others. Being polite to others has become a difficult question. Mercy is the quality of being humble and considerate towards others. Very few people in this world have been awarded such a virtue and their presence is a boon for the people around them. Humility means being good towards the people around us. Kindness can be made by being polite towards them, giving them emotional support, helping them financially, boosting their morale, or simply being supportive of them. The good deeds and humble acts we have done are not only a boon for those looking for help but also for us. When we help others in their actions, are humble towards them, and do such good acts then we get a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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