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    A good family is itself a University

    I often come across a very good Tamil song which goes like this, Nalladhoru kudumbam, Palkalai Kazhagam, that means a good family is itself a University. What a lovely sum up by the lyricist of that song who conveyed the best meaning of inclusive family with good cooperation and achievement and thus be the iconic example for others to ape and imitate. A good family brings in lots of peace and progress within and everything goes in a professional way as there is no difference of opinion among the members.
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    The songs in movies of all languages are having very good lyrics. They spread a message. Songs and music are good media to propagate ideas into the masses. Many activists use this media effectively. The aim is always to have inclusive policies for all people. Good songs with meaningful lyrics are a good tool to educate people especially the rural-based population.
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    True. A family is a lovely group which will work together without any inhibitions. A father, a mother, brothers, brothers-in-law. sisters. sisters-in-law. All will have different roles to play. If every person plays his role perfectly the family will be a real university only. No doubt. If you take my family my father is a poet, I am a chemistry man, my brother is a financial specialist, another brother is Physics postgraduate, another brother is a civil engineer, and the lost brother is a BE CSE. My elder sister's husband is a History PG. Second sister's husband is an electrical engineer, third sister's husband is an ICWA auditor and last sister's husband is a Marketing PG. All the ladies are having their own specialities. We all meet in our native place, twice a year, really we feel like we are in a university hostel only.
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    A person is a unit of a family and a group of families is made up of society. The society will be the same as the foundation of the families. It is said that the prosperity of society comes through the way of families. Today, families are disintegrating. People are starting to give more importance to themselves rather than joint, but living jointly as a family gives a different strength. Mutual harmony and love is the foundation of our unbreakable family, which will never break. Everyone who understands the importance of family in a separating society, with family becomes easier in their life. I am also a member of a joint family, so I know very well the importance of family unity. Our family is also happy and happy because we are together.
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