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    We have a duty not to spread fake news.

    Social media is used by some people to spread fake news and misinformation. This is done on purpose and it is said that they are paid to do so also. We have to think twice before sharing such information or posting our opinions based on such information on other platforms. Recently, I found one such post based on misinformation by one of our members. Immediately it was pointed out in my response. The member might have been misled and posted it here to support his point in the discussion.
    There are few websites doing service by identifying fake news and publishing the facts for the benefit of netizens so that fake news is not spread. We have a duty to verify veracity of such messages before sharing it anywhere. The editors of ISC may also be on the lookout if any fake information published on the site.
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    True that we should not spread the fake news emanated through social media. But now a days even media is quoting the happenings in the social media and even having narration about fake news as the real one portrayed through their view of reality and happening. The present day technology of super imposing and morphing the images would portray as the reality for those who come across the fake news for the first time. A good and correct news always has five features and it mentions , why, what , who, where and when. If these things are available in the news then cannot be termed as fake news.
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    Fake news is doing a lot of harm in the society as the gullible people will immediately believe on it and forward it and it becomes viral in the media more than that of a genuine news. Media has both roles. It can be used for a good purpose and it can as well be used for a wrong and mean purpose. If we analyse the information in the social media then we will find one interesting thing that many corrupt and dishonest people who are in big positions will depute some people in social media and whenever there is an adverse news for that influential person then his employees in social media which some people call as PR, become active and start condemning and dismissing that information and there is a confusion in the media as which one we have to believe. So powerful people are using it in their favour very cleverly and in today's unemployment situations they are getting the social media experts for this mean and evil job easily. We should be able to distinguish between these two and should not forward the second category of information at any cost if we are the true patriotic citizens of this country.
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    Some gullible people are saying that only 10% protesters are farmers. I don't know where these people get such news from. Fake news business is going on social media. Some people are spreading about government too.

    I think this protest should come to an end. Longer it goes longer does it become harmful for farmers, people and government.

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    I agree with the author. Before we forward a piece of news received on WhatsApp, we should know the accuracy of the news also. Once we feel it is accurate only we should forward. If we are sure that the news is fake, we should post that information in that network.
    It is not good to propagate the news which is not correct. Sometimes the after-effects will be very severe. The media is also trying to propagate fake news and they will use this to improve the TRP ratings. Newspapers also following the same policy. This is a very bad attitude and against ethics. Such practices should not be encouraged.
    Some people are using this habit of people for their personal benefit. If I have an enemy I will use this media to propagate some negative news about that person and see that this will have many likes and forwards. That will be helping the person to tarnish the image of the enemy. Mainly this attitude is shown by many political leaders.

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    In today's time, there is hardly anyone who is not active on social media platforms. Everyone creates an account, at least on Facebook. While there are advantages of social media, there are also many disadvantages. Therefore, social media should be used in a manner. Most important is that if you use social media, then you should know its etiquette. Nowadays, social media has become like a dry forest, in which there is a delay in the spark, the fire will spread in the entire forest. There is a need to understand the people, any news which is not fully known, should not be forwarded because it is necessary to break this chain somewhere.
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