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    Is it possible to lead a error free life?

    No one of us want to commit mistake knowingly and errors in life would lead to further confusion on daily basis. Though we plan and progress with much care and knowledge of what we are doing we cannot avoid errors to happen. Some people claim that they have been coping life with error free strides in their daily routines which is really a foolish statement and also the display of arrogance. Is it possible to lead a error free life and in that case what would have been the action plan initiated on daily basis.
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    Errors and omissions will happen in our lives due to various reasons including our own misdeeds. Some of the sources for these errors to emerge or occur in our live are - our family members or family as a whole, due to the adverse situation in our workplace, it could be due to some misunderstanding and lack of experience, environmental hazards, unforeseen circumstances, forces that do not want us to progress etc. So there are many things which are responsible for the apparent errors that we find in our lives and that is the learning experience with which we try to negate them or avoid in our future journey but it is impossible to have an error free life as they are an integral part of learning and getting ahead. They will pop out from nowhere and it is practically not possible to take up preventive measures to avoid them completely.
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    To err is human is a universal fact. Nobody is error-free. We commit mistakes, blunders and even crimes -knowingly or unknowingly but we do. We cabt live without commiting errors. If anybody claims he doesn't do any mistake he is lying. Doing mistakes is in built in human nature, however it may be scaled between two points - rarely and mostly.

    Some people who are highly cautious of doing mistakes rarely commit mistakes but some people are careless they commit mistakes as a normal practice.

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    It is not possible for a human to live an error-free life. The human being is a social animal and it is his nature to make mistakes. Unknown mistakes continue to happen at every turn of life and mistake is a normal phenomenon. But after the mistakes made by him, different people have a different perspective. The person takes his mistake as a lesson and tries not to make a mistake again in the future, while the other overcome the mistake made by him and expresses a pity that I wish not! If I had done this, it would not have happened to me. I keep thinking like this day and night, and I am obsessed with self-guilt. A sensible person is one who learns a lot from a mistake if he makes a mistake that now I will never make such a mistake and take a pledge that once such a mistake is made, I will not do it.
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    It is very difficult to lead a life without committing any error. Knowingly or unknowingly we may do some errors. If somebody says that he never committed a mistake, either he is not aware of the mistakes he is doing or he may be bluffing. A true human being will learn from his errors and try not to repeat the same. A person who is conscious enough to know what is right and what is wrong can easily understand really if he did a mistake. Then he will understand the reasons for the mistakes and he will rectify those points and see that it will not reoccur.
    There may be many reasons for committing an error. It may be due to the tension the individual is having because of the problems he is facing from the office front or domestic front. Similarly when a person is facing financial problems also he can't concentrate on his work and may commit mistakes.

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    It is not possible to lead a life where one has not committed any error. Errors may occur due to various reasons such as ignorance of the real factors, overconfidence, not considering every aspects prior to its choice. Whatever the case may be, it should be our effort to remain normal irrespective of our decision. Committing error is a part of our life but thinking excessively on this point will make them tensed and this may even affect one's decision making. However, prior to taking up any job, one should consider the every points related to that job so that there should not be any repentance later.

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    All the responses are of the view that error free life not possible and we are bound to make errors and mistakes.
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    I think the term error-free is reserved for some gadgets or when we are talking about some technologies because we know that all human beings are prone to mistakes. This is because it is not possible every time to have the same level of concentration while carrying out the tasks. Machines do not have any mind and that's why can only follow a particular process. If the input is not correct it will give an error. On the other hand, a human being will try to find a different way of doing the task if it is not possible in a particular way. While doing the task in a different way there may be an unintentional mistake and in most of the cases, the errors are not intentional. We always try to minimise the errors because we all like things to be done in an error-free manner. Not only human beings even you will find some devices that are prone to give errors at certain times like a change in some physical conditions such as temperature, pressure, amount of light, etc.

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