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    Should the trainer be a all rounder?

    If a new employee joins the office, the work. the etiquette, the rules and regulations are made known through a trainer who happens to be well versed with the organization and its policies. But invariably the so called trainer was not that senior to know much of the organization and expectation from the new staff. Still he tries to show the tantrum and attitude and over the course of time the new staff would boss over the trainer who made him the employee of the company. Should the trainer be a all rounder? What is your comment?
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    A trainer need not be an allrounder. Generally, a trainer will be from the HR department and he will definitely have better management skills. He will make a schedule of the training program and he will involve different people from different departments and the trainer will be the coordinator. The training period will be divided into various time slots and each slot will be allotted to a department. The trainee has to make his reports and submit to the coordinator. This is how training for employee training goes and how the trainer will train the candidates.
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    The main function of the trainer is to enhance the qualities of his employees and to prepare the employee for the relevant work. Every person has many qualities and characteristics, but someone can identify them and someone remains unaware of them. It is not enough to recognize the qualities of leadership, but it is important to think and execute how it can be improved. It is considered a responsibility to train your employees and give them a feeling of being prepared for advanced work and to bring awareness. The basic job of a trainer is to instill confidence in people. Their thinking and belief have to be transformed into action. In any company, the working environment among employees can be created only when there is an atmosphere of trust and confidence among themselves.
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    A trainer need not be expert in all fields, however , he should be expert in what responsibilty he has been given.
    Trainer is always on higher rank than trainees and after training period their trainer will remain higher in post but sometimes it happens that a person reaches higher rank to their trainer.

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    The term all-rounder may not be suitable for trainers or employees in an organization since most of the organizations have various ranks and tasks. In every organization, there are various sections and each section has a particular head. In each section, there may be a dedicated team to train the newcomers who specialize only in a particular domain. In the case of rules, regulations and policies the HR people are capable enough to make the newcomers aware of them but showing attitude is an entirely different thing and depends on the individual. Even a very experienced employee may show some attitude to a newcomer and vice-versa.

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    Generally in big organisations a separate training group is there where people having inclination and interest for imparting training are posted. Some even have training institutes in their structures. These people have experience of training to the earlier fresh batches and they will co-opt time to time people from the main departments for specific trainings. So the people who are imparting training has a coordination and management type of job also and they see to the overall needs of the new employees and provide them the requisite training either themselves or by asking people from other departments for temporary training schedules.
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