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    The brighter side of stagnation

    We are in a competitive world. Everyday is a competitive day. People struggle hard and reach to their goals. It is not easy to make a headway in this crowd and aspire for the top. Still some hard working and laborious people slowly inch forward to their objectives. In many situations, people progress to particular level and then there is no scope for further growth because there are other competitive people in this world and we are not the only competitive ones. That is the time the stagnation takes place and many people start thinking to take early retirement from the job or start feeling a bit discouraged also sometimes. I have a feeling that we should not fall in that trap of dissatisfaction after reaching such a high position in our career and should be a bit practical about it. We have not stagnated as we have already reached a remarkable height in our career and now our job is to maintain it and protect it. Maintaining your position at such a height itself is a big thrill and what more we want. Let us see the brighter side of the stagnation. Members may like to comment.
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    There will never be a brighter side to stagnation. People have become too ambitious and grredy. Without ambition no one can progress but too much of ambition is also not good. Stgnation in a job happiens due to lack of avenues for promotion. This may be due to lack of expansion in the organisation also. One has to wait for his chance to come. Meanwhile one can learn new skills that may help him to get a promotion or a chance to switch to another organisation with more benefit. We have to make our life peaceful without getting into the mad race for higher positions. Satisfaction at what we are doing and getting is key to our happiness.
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    As we go up in the ladder, it will take more time for getting on to the next step. It may require more time and it may be the peak you can reach in that organisation. But when you are in a senior position you will be always on your toes and you have to put in a lot of efforts to remain at that position.
    I started my career as a Manager and I ended up with the CEO of a company. I was never on the same level for more than three years. But once I became the CEO I was there in that position for almost 9 years. There is no further scope for promotions.
    When you are in a private organisation, you cook try to make a shift to another company for a higher level. Too much stagnation in a position is an indication of our inefficiency or lack of avenues. In some government offices, there will be time scale promotions. The work may be of lower level only but because of your years of service, you will be promoted to the next level.

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    The author has his own logic to prove stagnation in job can be enjoyed. He said that someone who has reached the top office /designation can no more have promotion in his company, henceforth it starts a state of stagnation which he should enjoy. but people will really enjoy this stage of stagnation is questionable. Those who are never satisfied to their progress, can't enjoy this stagnation at all, they will move on.

    Adnan Khagoshi is a weapons-broker, he helps countries to purchase weapons from weapons-manufacturing- countries. He has no son except a daughter. She is jaded with too much wealth and ultra luxerious life. She, often, wroks in private companies to enjoy employement.

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    When responsibility increases and you get success with every responsibility, then sometimes it is good to be stable. When you fulfill your dreams, that your speed will slow down and you will feel that the wishes I had made in my life have been completed and what is left will be done slowly. Stagnation is useful to gain the ability to see and understand the emotions and impulses of the mind and body in a coordinated manner and communicate with full responsibility. Stagnation is an important thing in today's tumultuous life, which every human being should keep in his life because positive thinking originates from stability. Unless you cannot make a difference between right and wrong, and stability plays an important role in making such important decisions. Stability is a sign of a developed mind.
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    My point is that after getting so much success in our lives we have to take stagnation in a positive way.
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    By the word stagnation we mean stop of activities further and that does not give any chance for improvements or scopes to make the changes. Why the stagnation point has been achieved because of over performance, non availability of further source or there has been huge complaints in the past on the activity which was not addressed nor set right. Stagnation is the position of no progress and nil returns and that is why many want to get rid of the situation by opting out. Only few would fight , bring in far reaching changes to get in satisfaction even after stagnation and that is rarest of the rare.
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    In Government service, this stagnation is very much. There will be vacant posts, there will be eligible candidates for promotion and yet it takes years at times to get the promotion. At such times of stagnation, the employee becomes dejected. As the author suggested, one should not get frustrated but this stagnation period cannot be enjoyed.
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