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    Why Tablets are not in demand despite being a handy gadget

    People like handy gadgets for their work. Be it a smartphone, tablets or a laptop I think people mostly use smartphones and laptops for their day to day activities and few takers are for tablets.
    Android phones and laptops are important gadgets that people like to use but tablet despite being handy and probably with the good specification are not impressive for people to use for their work.

    Why tablets are not given much importance despite being handy gadgets?
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    The tablet is bigger than a phone but smaller than a laptop. That is why it is neither good as a phone nor good as a laptop. Reading also is not convenient on a tablet. I have an Ipad. I use it for playing games for some time. For all other activities, I use either the smartphone or laptop. For making calls, for receiving calls phones are the best. For internet browsing, laptops are preferred. This is due to the fact that the screen size is big on a laptop than on a tablet. Carrying a tablet with us is also not very convenient. We can't keep it in the packet or we can't have another bag for this.
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    The word Tablet itself doesn't sound good. Generally, we know tablet is common as a medicine to cure. Hence, it is bitter and not liked by all. Its size doesn't fit into our small pockets or big bags. I too wonder why tablet is not attractive.

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    There was a time when tablets became popular because of their sizes and game playing capabilities. Though they were not as functional and as versatile as a laptop still they got popularity. But as soon as the smartphones came with so many features and facilities, the market for the tablets decreased and now it is almost a redundant device in the most of homes.
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    People always look for convenience and things to handle good. Phones get into our pocket and be the companion of life al the way. While desk top subjected the desk activities and cannot be handled apart, the laptops proven to be the friendly gadget because of the portability and the adaptability to size and handling. Where as the tablets are the size between the cell phone and the lap top and handling it has become the big problem and those who are using the tablets to converse as phones are seen to be mad by others and thus the usage of tablets has gone down and excpet the students none are using.
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    The tablets were popular at one time. Mothers used tablets very much to teach their children. The smartphones were coming in smaller sizes at that time. Now the smartphones are coming in a bigger size making the tablets less popular. Many of the business establishments engaged in selling products from the shop to shop used to give tablets to their employees for booking orders and storing them on tablets. Now bigger size smartphones replaced them.
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