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    God knows what is our eligibility

    A great king once found a hut on his way to hunt and to quench his thirsty went inside. He asked for water. The hut man without identifying the king gave water. King asked the hut man to come to the place by giving him an identity. The man went to palace next day. By seeing the identity no security stopped him and allowed directly to the king. The king was then in prayer and during his prayer the king asked this and that to the God. Then he turned to the hut man what he want. The hut man simply replied the king,'you, the great king asked God this and that. What you would give me. I will ask my God, He know what and when give to me'. By saying this, the hut man walked away.
    Like this we should believe our God as He know what is our eligibility and when to give.
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    True. That is why some people say that we should not ask for any specific thing from God. We should pray for our wellness only. We should ask Him to do good only. He knows what is good for us. But many of us always ask God to give something or other. This post of the author says that we should not specifically ask something. He knows what is that we can get from Him and He gives that for our welfare. That is why have faith in God and worship Him without in wishes in Mind. He will do whatever you deserve and you are eligible for.
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    God has only one answer to our prayer. Therefore we should be very clever to put our words to him. Recently I watched this. A person goes to God and says 'Oh God! I am in trouble." God says," Be it so". The second man tells God,"O Lord. I am not happy in my life." God says, " Be it so." The third man goes to God and says, "O my Lord, I am very happy and satisfied in my life," God says, "Be it so." God created human beings to live happily. Troubles and unhappiness are created by the person themselves.

    So, never put up your problem with negativity. Always please him with pleasant words. His,"Be it so' would be his blessed words to remain happy.

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    This is an interesting thread raised by the author. Most of the people pray God and seek prosperity. They feel that by doing that all problems would be resolved because we have given the responsibility of making us prosperous to Him and if He does not do it then we always can say that God was not happy with us and did not give us the things that we desired and prayed. Some people say that it was their bad luck that God did not help them. So whether the believers or non believers in God, all have same feeling for the destiny and luck bestowed on them in this life. A rich person seeks God for more fortune while a poor seeks for two times food a day and everyone has some expectation from God for happiness and well being in one's life. This is one way traffic as none gets any acknowledgement from the divine power against one's request. Those who get prosperous feel that He had done them favours while those who do not get any benefit out of prayers feel that He is still not happy with them and may be more prayers would be required. Understanding God and His ways is a difficult subject.
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    In Telugu there is a great saying that Mana Devudu Sangathi manukku Telusu, that means we know the strength of our God and God knows our weakness and wants and he tries to balance between expectations and real wants. Never ever demand small favors from the God, because he is the great donor and great diviner, he knows what to give at what time and by asking the small favor we are underestimating the larger heart of the God and thus we have been advised to do our job and work rest the results and gain would be taken care off. One thing is sure the balance sheet of every person is drawn and preserved by the God and he knows what to deduct and what to add to the life according to our requirements. That is why we meet new persons in life who either give us the chance to benefit or be a cause to loss.
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    The nice thread has been posted by the author. God blesses everyone without any discrimination. God is the ultimate truth, after knowing which all kinds of illusions disappear. There is no fear in any way. The truth is that every act of God is in the interest of humans and to promote humanity that everything runs on his grace. He gives all things to all humans according to his deeds. Nothing is found by asking only from God, for this one has to do karma, only then you will do the work, you will have to plant a tree to get fruit.
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    Believing in One God and believing in what God does is always good for us is the essence of faith. He knows what we want to have, nevertheless, He wants us to supplicate in His court to bless us with all our requirement which we know or don't know, but He knows what we deserve and what we don't deserve to get and He grant us what is suitable for us and what time is suitable for us to get a thing and how much quantity we require of a particular thing this whatness and howness is beyond our perception as it's a paranormal issue.

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