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    What are the alternatives for the day care?

    2020 brought both office and school to home. There are families where both the parents work and leave their children in day care. When the lock down happened, the day care centers and after school care centers were also closed. Since there were work from home options, parents were taking care of their children and the closure of those children care centers did not create a big impact.

    Now, because of certain relaxation, many firms are reopening with safety measures. But schools, day care centers and similar baby sitting centres are still closed. So, what could be the alternative arrangements that parents can do to take care of their children and their career.

    Many may come up with solutions like going back to joint family system, bringing grandparents to their home or moving with parents. But many chose day care centers because of the impossibilities of being with their parents.
    So considering it, share your alternative solutions to this problem.
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    The one option is to engage a caretaker in the house and she/He will take care of the child. But the problem is that we have to leave the house to him. Then it is better to keep the bedrooms locked and leave the living room open to the caretaker. He/ She will come home before you leave the house and he will go back once you reach the house. You have to pay a little more because he is spending his full day time for your children. If we have friends around and if they also have a similar problem both of you can keep your children in one house with one caretaker. That will reduce your expenditure also.
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    Bonding with elders and being with the parents even though have achieved the age of adults and even having the child it is the fact that children has to be nourished and patronized through the vigil eyes of elders and therefore the day care centers are the farce and would not serve the purpose in full. I have seen in many day care centers that the snacks being given to the child is not given to them and thus the maids enjoy the rich snack and some times caught red handed for that bad behavior. And if we keep our child in such low class day care center, our child would also inculcate bad habits.
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    Those who can afford can think of keeping the day care assistant in the house itself so that he or she does not go back to the house and lives here only. That is a possibility and otherwise the good old system of joint family has to be revived as that was the best thing we had with us but which we are slowly forgetting and not considering as a viable living and coexisting situation now.
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    The best option would be to raise children at home through their grandparents because the care that their own people can give, can not be given by another person. As the author said, such parents for whom the option of joint family is not possible, in such a situation, either you make a trusted person as a caretaker and keep it with your child at home or if there is any problem then parents should manage themselves with their office timings, etc. so that you can give time to both your office and your baby. For this, both mother and father can work in different shifts and if there is some timing clash like for an hour, then the help of friends or relatives can also be taken for it.

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