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    Treat children as children

    Many of us controlling our children in many ways by telling don't do this, don't ask this etc. But we never understand that the children will not ask like this after a certain gap of period. Recently I saw in a house that parents are expecting respect from the ten year old child instead the forget to show love on the child. The child fears even to talk to them. Because of this the child become poor in studies. I read in one book. A mother scold her small child for asking cotton Candy while coming from tuition. She scold her for that and asked her to attend online class and went out. After one hour the father came to her by telling,'hey, Kutty. I met your tuition miss on my way. She told me did your poems well. See this is dad's gift'. By saying this dad gave atoy car worth of thousand rupees. The child received the toy but thrown on the cot with tears. Puzzled father before asking anything the mother came to he cotton candy in her hand by saying,'Kuttima, sorry. Later only I realized your interest'. The child with much more happy run to mother and received the he candy. Thousand rupees worth toy is worthless to the child before five rupees candy. Please parents try to understand child ldren and treat children as children
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    True. We should treat them in a proper way. Otherwise, they may not come up well in their lives. We should not give always negative impressions to them. If we give always the negative impressions, his thought process also will be always negative only. That is no good for the kid.
    A kid never values any item based on its cost. My granddaughter feels happy to play with our servant maid's daughter more than my neighbour's granddaughter. They have no value for the status one has in society. That is the speciality of the children.
    A child wants what he likes. A parent should spend some good time with them, understand their mentality and see that they are happy. We should tell them some good stories which will tell them the ethics and values of life. Then they will grow well and become good citizens of the country.

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    The children should be allowed to grow in their natural way and for that they should be given opportunity to mix freely with their own group. Then the children would have their own world. The children many events which they want to share with their parents but once they are scolded, they become frustrated and then they would not be comfortable to share their wonderful experience. If they are cajoled and reprimanded unnecessarily, their life would turn for the worse. If you allow to flourish their talents with the warm affection and due encouragement, they would show their inherent potentials in the areas they are persuing. Hence we should treat them with a touch of love so that we could see their positive growth.

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    It is a very pleasant feeling to be a parent. You are always learning something new while nurturing your child. It is not necessarily what the number of your children is. You are always at the forefront of doing something good and new. Every time you feel that there is no shortage and you do better. Children are like wet soil. It depends on you what you make of that soil. You can give it as you wish. Making your children a better person and supporting them in building their happy future is called right parenting. You have to keep your behavior so that your children become naughty but they should not be spoiled. No single rule can be made for raising it. Because the way to raise a child is never the same. Whether it is to love the child, to take care of it, or to be strict towards it.
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    Childhood is the most cherished journey in our life and not everyone would remember the glorious period that gone by and some have recorded the happenings through the mentions. Some have the images of great kids life, some have the videos of such happenings when the entire family loved to to have the presence of children. Childhood is the most profitable and most proven experience as the things learned during the childhood would not be forgotten and that is will be last longer memories. And childhood friends are most dear to us as they call us by nick names which others do not know.
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    Bringing up the children is not the child's play. It requires understanding of the psychology of the child behaviour and one has to appropriately address it to make the child comfortable and also active to do his studies and other curriculum. Some parents have this understanding and their children grow up in a congenial and inspiring environment but many of the parents miss this vital responsibility and tray the children in a childish fashion and that type of upbringing is harmful for the growth of the children. Then they have to go for centres where spoiled children are to be taught correct practices and are tried to become like normal children. Child psychology is quite complicated and requires expert advices in some cases. The child requires care and concern but at the same time the parents have to mould him for the basic tasks and actions that a child has to perform for a meaningful growth.
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    Children should be treated with love and understanding them. Children have soft heart, harsh words hurt them. Chiding them is harmful for them. Parents should understand what their children want from them. This is a tender age of children and parents have big responsibility how to raise them, as sometimes it also happens when parents fulfill all wishes or desires of children without considering which demand s good and which demand is bad for their children. As a result a child becomes stubborn and begin to cry if his demand isn't fulfilled. Parents have responsibility to keep a balance between various demands of children. If his demands are good, should be accepted, if his demand are not good for him, parents should never fulfil it. In this situation the best way is to divert the mind of a child and let his mind focus on any other object and thus he will forget about his bad demand.

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