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Love a writing challenge? Here's an exciting challenge, a kind of game, wherein registered participants have to submit a write-up on a given topic and similarly challenge the next participant. Lots of prizes! Do participate in the discussions even if you failed to register in time.
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    Forum thread challenge contest - the Game is on!

    We have received registrations for the Forum thread Challenge Contest in this thread from the following members:
    1. Sun
    2. Dr. N V Srinivasa Rao
    3. Sanjeev Gupta
    4. Dr. Deepali Gangwar
    5. Sanchita Ranjan
    6. Phagu Mahato
    7. Neeru Bhatt
    8. Sobha Wilson
    9. Reena Upadhyaya
    10. Umesh
    11. Shampa Sadhya
    12. Padmini
    13. Venkiteswaran

    All the registered participants are requested to follow this thread where the URL of the thread by the Guest Author (a non-participating member) would be mentioned and one of the participants would be asked to post a Forum thread on a given topic of his/her choice.

    The sequence of the challenge would be like this:
    1. The Guest Author would post a thread and it would be anytime from now, before 12 O'clock tonight. In the same response, the Guest Author will mention the challenge to the next participant.
    2. The Guest Author will select one of the registered participants and that participant has to post a thread related to the topic given by the Guest Author. The title should also contain the given topic. The thread should be submitted before 23.59 hrs on 16.12.2020 and the URL of that thread should be posted in a response in this announcement thread. The participant will then challenge one of the other participants with a topic and the URL of the thread should posted in this thread as a response.
    3. Same would be the case with each challenging participant and it is requested to ensure that the Forum post is not delayed and no participant should fail to respond to the challenge. As mentioned in the registration thread, a delay of one hour would be accepted, but then the thread would not be considered for any prizes except eligible for enhanced points and c.c.
    4. In case of failure of responding to the challenge, the contest organizer would post a thread to avoid the break-up of the chain.
    5. If anyone fails to mention the Topic on which the thread is to be posted, then the challenged participant can post a thread on a topic of his choice.

    Note: The threads should be general writeups and not anything creative like a story or poem.

    1. The winner would receive a Prize of 100 c.c, the Runner Up would get 75 c.c and two Consolation Prizes worth 50 c.c each may also be awarded.
    2 . All the participants may get enhanced points and c.c up to a Max of 25 based on the quality of their post.
    3. Responses by members, including the participants, for all the contest threads, may also be given some c.c based on the quality.

    Closing date: It would likely end on 28th December 2020 at 12 midnight.

    (P.S: please don't forget to leave a message here mentioning the URL of your thread and the name of the participant whom you have challenged to enable all the members to know about the event happenings)

    The Game is on - and all the best to the participating members!
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    I am honoured to be the non-participating Guest Author for this unique forum thread challenge and convey my thanks to Jagdish for the invite.

    Here's the start of this challenge, with my writeup: The campus library – a chronicler of remarkable experiences.

    My challenge is to: Sobha Wilson.
    Topic: The warmth of winters

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thanks to Vandana for giving me the first chance to post a thread in this forum thread challenge contest.

    This is my forum thread- The warmth of winters - Season of joy

    My challenge is to - Dr. N V Srinivasa Rao
    Topic - The importance of peace

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    Thanks to Sobha Wilson for giving me an opportunity to post a thread on an important topic on peace. Now I am at peace.
    This is my forum thread: Peace and its importance
    My challenge is to-- Reena Upadhyaya
    and the topic is Gender equality and its pros and cons.

    always confident

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    Thanks to Dr N. V. Srinivasa Rao for challenging me with the wonderful topic.
    This is my entry for the contest- Gender equality: The era of fairness and justice

    My challenge is to- Umesh Sir.
    The topic is- Modern mindset of society.

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    Thanks to Reena Upadhya for picking me up to contribute the next in line thread on the interesting topic provided by her.
    Accordingly, I have submitted my entry, for this contest, as follows -
    Modern mindset of society - a paradigm shift.

    Now, my challenge is to - Padmini.
    The topic is - Education is gateway to wisdom.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have submitted my entry on the given challenge and the link for the same- Is education a gateway to wisdom?

    Thank you Mr. Umesh for giving me this opportunity to write about education and wisdom.

    Now, my challenge is to - Phagu Mahato.
    The topic is - Highly professional parents and their kids


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Thanks to Padmini for invite on a responsible topic Highly professional parents and their kids

    My challenge to
    Neeru Bhatt
    Topic: Role of Interview in Job

    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    I thank Phagu Mahato for the interesting topic given to me for creating a form thread and I have posted it as -
    Understanding the role of interview in job.

    My challenge now, is to - Dr Deepali Gangawar.
    Topic - Career making.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Thanks Neeru Ma'am for giving me an interesting topic for Forum thread.

    My entry is :
    Right Career Making is not a Wild Goose Chase

    My challenge is to - SuN
    Topic - Responsible behaviour

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    Dr. Deepali Gangwar,
    Very Many Thanks for giving me an opportunity to post a thread of interest.
    My thread entry is titled - Why the most responsible countrymen don't behave responsibly. Let us discuss.

    My challenge is to - Mr. Venkiteswaran
    Topic suggested - Indian Women and the Jewels

    No life without Sun

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    SuN, Thank you for giving me a challenging topic really. It really kindled my thoughts and I could come up with a non-stereotype stand on that. I would welcome others to endorse my view.
    I had posted the thread :
    Indian women and Gold Jewels-both add value

    I pass on the challenge to : Sanchita Ranjan
    to post a thread on a topic: Heart and Hearth

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    Thanks to venkiteswaran sir for giving me a chance to post a thread on wonderful topic. This is my forum thread - importance of the heart and hearth in life . My challenge is to- Shampa Sadhya
    and the topic is - Time and Tide.

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    Sanchita Ranjan,

    I thank you for extending me an opportunity to submit a write-up for the forum thread contest. I enjoyed writing it. My submission is:
    Time and tide halt emotions

    My challenge is to Sanjeev Gupta and the topic is Time Management.


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    Thanks Shampa for giving me the opportunity. Although you had no other option left still thanks
    We need to understand the benefits of time management to know where our time goes


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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