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    Beaware of direct admission to average Universities abroad

    In India, we have top-class State and also Deemed Universities. The Faculty Members are top-class and placement is not a big issue with the standard colleges and Universities. For instance, the old Universities like the Kolkatta University, Delhi University and thr Univeesity of Madras are so famous throughout the world. The MS University of Baroda also has a very good reputation abroad. However, there are pretty average Universities and a large number of these in the Hindi-belt do not even conduct examinations on time. Copying is still a way of life in many Bihar Universities, according to reports.

    And so we have thousands who believe in Direct admission to Universities abroad. After a lull in the storm, one gets to see the "Direct Admission" ads of many Universities, particularly from Canada. inquiries with those who have settled in Canada reveal that there are so many substandard Universities that are out to make money through Indian students. It is very much essential to obtain full information before seeking admission to any University abroad.
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    That is true. When we want to spend money, go abroad and study, we should aim for joining in a good and standard university. Without enquiring, if we join a university abroad which is not standard institute we will be finally losing our money and we may not get a good placement even. So it is always advisable to get and full information about the university where you are planning to join. There may be reviews online, there may be people who studied there and there may be our colleagues or teachers who know about that institute. So one should not get deceived by that adds and pay very high quantum of money as fees.
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    A good word of caution by the author. It is very true that there are some sub standard universities abroad which attract the students from the developing countries and the students simply waste their money in getting the degrees from there. So one has to be very cautious on this aspect and take admission outside after ascertaining the credentials of such a university.
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    Appreciate the author for cautioning the students who aspire to have the foreign education with the goal that they would get good jobs abroad. Given this pandemic situation across the world and India there is a shift and change in the thinking process of students and parents that it is better to have the higher education in India itself or in their own state. I do agree that there are some Universities in Delhi which are not recognized and yet luring students with fake exams and fake certificates and one such name I came across was the Delhi Commercial University which is conducting exams through the tutorials of Murugan College in Arcot district Tamil nadu. Such universities are fake and the students are falling prey to duplicate and non recognizable certificates which cannot be claimed as the higher education at all.
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    A good post by the author. Students are blindly trying for universities abroad without ascertaining their worth and reputation. Paying hefty fees there and getting those degree is really not advisable. Today, in our country we have so many reputed institutions and some of them are in the world ranking also then why to leave them and go outside. I think it is simply a craze in the youths.
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