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    Is terricotton now history? And only cotton everywhere?

    The mid seventies had our heroes in bell bottoms and terricotton was the name of the game. There was a bit of an advantage as the shirt or even pant could be worn without ironing in an emergency

    Today, it does seem to be cotton everywhere. Even for formal occasions, young men and even women are reportedly find of only cotton shirts. Why has this happened? Is wearing cotton more "ethinic" when compared to the terricotton variety? What has actually gone wrong with terricotton, it at all?

    What is your opinion? Well, a good majority of women who wear jeans and shirts in Chennai and Bangalore, even to offices, report that they are more comfortable with cottons. Why and how has this change happened?
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    Terry cotton is never good for the areas where heat is very high and where it is very sultry. It will not absorb water and cause a lot of discomforts. That may be one of the reasons for discarding these dresses. At the same time, cotton is very convenient for these places. In mid-seventies, many people are going for these fabrics as they are cheap when compared to 100% cotton. These days we are not bothered much about the cost and we want comfort. So we don't mind spending a little more and use cotton more than synthetic dresses. I think cotton fabric gives a better look than synthetic fabric.
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    Prior to teri-cotton, it was terylene that was famous. A very soft and lightweight material. It was a wash and wear fabric. These days we don't find such material to wear.
    I remember a day of the past when I longed to have a terylene shirt. A friend returned from abroad, gifted me a 2-meter terylene cloth. I stitched a shirt and wore it for a day. That night, I removed the shirt, put it on a hanger, and hung it. The next day I saw a big hole on the chest part of the shirt that was eaten by a rat. Yes. Terylene tastes good to rats. Since then I lost interest and never thought of terylene in my life.

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    When I got my first terylene shirt during my high school time, I was really thrilled to see that after washing it remained stiff and looked like an ironed shirt. Everyone in the family and neighbouring houses appreciated it much and I felt so good that for quite some time it was my prized possession. Easy to wear and easy to wash. But one thing was that at that time I was in a place having cool climate and I did not feel warm in it and had to wear a sweater over it. At that time I could not understand the reason but later I ound that it was nothing more than a thick polythene shirt and could not warm the body in winters. Cotton on the other hand is a useful fabric and gives warmth in the winter and comfort in the summer. So though terylene and terricotton were introduced as modern wearing things but could not compete with their long living rival that is cotton.
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    When I was in youth era the terricotton was famous and we had enough of that textile and what I felt that when the heat is on one cannot wear such clothes and that would be uneasy. Though one need not iron that attire now and then as even after washing the stiffness would be still and that made this variety more famous during the youth days of our time. After cotton has taken the front seat and the benefit of wearing the cotton cloths which are skin friendly and weather friendly, the people discarded the terricotton altogether and not takers anymore. The jewels, textile markets is always volatile and change according to customer preference and needs. There has been consistent research and innovations in the textile Industries over the period of time and now the jeans has most acceptance among the youth and the branded shirt of any make.
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    If we consider from the angle of ease of washing and maintenance then the terylene or terricotton or synthetic clothes take the precedence over cotton clothes. That was the reason and still many people prefer synthetic clothes over the cotton. For housewives these synthetic clothes have a danger of getting fire in case of some such incident in the kitchen and people suggest them to wear the cotton ones only.
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