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    Do you believe in existence of vampires?

    Do vampires really exist? I have seen a few horror movies which picturise the character of bloodsucking creatures. I think these are concocted stories but some people believe in existence of vampires. According to some vampires' stories -buried vampires comeout of their graves on specific nights and they move populous area and whoever is seen anywhere, whether, human or animal they attack and suck its blood.
    Another theory is narrated that some living vampires who also suck blood exist with us. I watched a program on TV in which a Parry of bloodsucking people was shown. They were talking, laughing drinking and sucking blood by penterating their teeth into neck of one another.
    I think these people are abnormal. They can't be considered as sane people.
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    Vampires don't exist. It is only man-made stories. I too watched the vampires in movies ony. But I don't believe their existence in real life. I used to watch Dracula and enjoy the terror movie. They are only for entertainment.
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    I never think that there are separate identities called Vampires. There are all created by human beings. I have never seen such creatures or seen the people who have seen them. In movies we see and they are created.
    But there will be some human beings who will have the behaviour of a vampire. There are people who kill other people and there are people who never hesitate to beat the other human beings for no reason. Such people are no less than a Vampire. In villages, some rich people ill-treat poor people and make them work like animals and give them very little money which is not sufficient for them even for their food. Such people also can be called Vampires.

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    I don't think vampires exist in this world. Thisis just an imagination of people. I have read in the comics and watched movies of Dracula who used to such blood of human beings through their victim's neck. But that's imaginary character and there is nothing like a Dracula in the real world. It's sad that now a days too people are living in the 19th century where there are people who believe that vampires exist. I have read news where the mob killed a woman claiming that she is a vampire and has killed people by sucking their blood.

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    I believe vampires do not exist. There are some things in this world that we have not yet understood properly. One such thing is a vampire. Our world is surrounded by mysteries. As far as science is going, but the unsolved mystery of the world is still giving choice to science. But the same negative energy can never be real or how real it is difficult to be said. It is not necessary to be a vampire, some people can do this to spread panic, it can be either superstition or truth.

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    The human evolution is a long process and civilisation took very long time to establish itself to the present form. The start of the fear of unknown and devilish creatures in human minds started from the dark ages when every night it gripped the primitive men of something dreadful and unknown as there was no light and venturing in dark was considered as inviting to death. There were many confusions and false perceptions by many humans during night due to that fear and it was believed that there are some creatures who come out in night only to manifest their power. It was only felt as none saw those things. That belief is still going on as passed on from generation to generation and the movie makers took advantage of that in making phantasy and horror movies. These concepts arise from the hidden fears in our mind. Generally people have these things when they are alone. In groups such things do not happen because in group we do not fear.
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    Since we have not seen the existence of vampires and should not arrive at the conclusion that they are not present. Someone has seen and thus the mentions are continuing since then,
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