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    Social media affecting social life

    Social media was started for the development of society. At starting, businessman and high profile people took many advantages from it. But, when it reached up to every section of society then its condition became worse. Nowadays, 90% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 use at least one form of social media. And many of them misusing of it. I feel that social relationship is getting weak due to it. Before social media, people used to go to their family and friends houses. If any celebration is organised then they used to go to the house with an invitation card. But, after coming social media people started to give an invitation through social media. Is it not a big change in our social life? We all miss the importance of social life where friends sit together and discuss many topics. These days many families are as they are not having interaction among family member due to social media.
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    You are right. Social media has not only hampered our social relations but have also increased depression among people. Though social media has brought people together, it has also created a void in our social set up.

    Families now only message to inquire about the well being of their relatives. Even in families members remain busy with their smartphones not bothering about the parents call when they are talking seeking attention from the family members.

    When social media wasn't there, I feel people were happier because they shared the social bond. They were having chats and inviting each other on a cup of tea to discuss many important things which are almost gone now.

    In Childhood, children were all set and eagerly awaiting to visit there relatives and mostly on festivals to get blessings from them but today not only children everyone feel smartphone and social media a blessing; ignore the closest relatives.
    I think we should minimise the use of social media and rebuild the broken relations with our relatives, near and dear ones.

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    It is because we remain too much dependent on various modern devices. When everything can be done online somehow we try to find an easy way out. It is true that people nowadays remain connected more on social media than socially-connected. Various gadgets made us lazy and you will find those who are in the IT field hardly wish to move around. This is because most of their needs are fulfilled by clicking a couple of buttons and scrolling the mouse and this habit is not at all healthy. Realising the ill-effects of working most of the time with gadgets people nowadays trying to modify their lifestyle and for that, I think going out and meeting friends and relatives is a good idea rather than chatting with them on various social media platforms.

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    The subject is discussed many times in many threads. But always looks afresh. Every coin will have two sides. In the same way, social media is also having good as well as bad effects. It is the users, who decide how to use it. I came into contact with many of my old friends and I established contacts with them due to this media only. Three days before an old friend of mine contacted me by seeing my Facebook page. He is so happy that we talked to each for more than half an hour. We come in contact after almost a gap of 40 years,
    But some people are misusing the sites and creating unnecessary issues. Some people very bad posts and that is making some people very inconvenient. Another thing is that people are using it to spread rumours and fake news. Some innocent people believe everything here and losing some money also.
    It is always better to utilise the facilities for our betterment and see that we will be happy. All users should understand and maintain ethics while posting on these sites.

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    This is the truth that every coin has two aspects. In today's time, if you do not have time to open the news channel, then you open Facebook and you will get all the information. All news channels have created their Facebook account and first update any information. You can connect with your friends, family, and relatives and that too through just one button. Talking about the advantages, it is less, but if you talk about the disadvantages, then it is very high. But nowadays social media has taken hold in human life to such an extent that people have forgotten their social life. Meeting with your people, get to gather has become less, and somewhere a human being is getting away from humans and close to social media.
    Swati Sharma

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