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    We should live our life without any fear.

    Everyone wants to be fearless and does not easily accept that he/she is afraid. Fear and nervousness come in many ways such as fear of having something, fear of having nothing, fear of losing something, fear of humiliation, or any fear that makes us weak and helpless inside.

    I understand from my own life experience that fear is caused by two reasons -
    First, when the problem comes, if the solution to that problem is not found, then it becomes fear. At that time, we have two paths, either we go back in fear or solve the problem and move forward.

    The second reason is Attachment - the more we are attached to something, the greater the fear of losing it. It is a good thing for a person to be so attached to something, but you should believe in yourself that you have got your thing because you had to get it and now you will never lose it, by having a negative attitude, becomes a fear of losing it.

    After all, fear is just an imagination and a lie that we believe to be an unnecessary truth. This is the thinking of our mind i.e. fear runs in our mind. With positive thoughts and self-confidence, this fear can be removed from our life.
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    For a positive and happy life, it is important to erase all apprehensions from the mind because the fear of anything blocks ones progress in life. Fear develops negativity, snatches peace of mind, a person grows weak in his commitment, loses confidence and faces failures. A person also feels inferiority complex a fear due to some problem becomes more intense.
    Fear due to fear of losing a dear one or fear due to any other things is a big problem. If one doesn't find a solution to this problem it may persist and hamper the efforts to live fearlessly.

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    Fear should be our enemy. We should never get into the grips of this fear. When you get into the influence of fear, you can't think properly and your mind will be full of fear always. In the mask of fear, we can't have a stable mind and it will never work properly.
    We all should remember that we should not get back when we face a problem. We should be stable and we should not get tensioned. Once we understand the problem properly we will get some way to solve the problem. If we have a fear, our mind will start thinking about the bad effects of the problem and never think about how to overcome the same. If there is no fear in our mind. our mind works perfectly and definitely, will find our a way out.
    Fear of failure is another issue. We should get into any negative thoughts and that will unnecessarily make us get into failure mode.

    always confident

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    Good positive thought emanated from this thread and the author made the right pitch for positive vibes that we should live a fearless life. What is the use of such money and wealth when the life if in constant threat and peril. What is the use of such name and fame when the life is not guaranteed for next moment. What is the use of the good food when there is no chance to eat and taste the same out of fear. Fear takes half of the life and remaining through the ailments. And those who are fearless are the winners in long run and they also induce others to be their ardent followers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Fear is a natural attribute in the human life and some amount of fear will always be there and to some extent it is required otherwise people will not be careful in their day to day decision making and actions taken by them in their lives. It is observed that in this world many tasks are completed just because of the inherent fear as the performer knows the punishment if task is not delivered in an appropriate manner in the scheduled time. To that extent fear is justifiable and is to be taken in the right spirit. Excessive fear is harmful in one's growth as it will put a brake on one's efficiencies and performance.
    Knowledge is power.

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