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    Will the stock markets come back to their glorious times?

    One of the most important questions regarding the economic revival over the next year, is likely to revolve around how the Indian capital market is likely to revive in the next few months, particularly after the vaccine is roled out. Fortunately, the virus is now under control and signs of economic revival are being seen.

    The key question is: will people start buying new television sets, cars, mobile phones, textiles, flats and apartments and so on? If they do so, the entire industries associated with these product segments will see a massive revival of fortuntes and their stock prices will zoom. That will revive the stock market as well.

    Members who have been observing the present trends may please share their views.
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    The author must come to fact that India is not doomed or suffered a big loss and it was only a passing cloud to which we were sustained the onslaught of great challenge and now greatly poised to recover what ever lost in the past. In fact in the changed scenario the people also changed their earning priorities and even started earning through B plan and thus personally everyone wants to fill the gap of loss. Once that is is achieved the purchasing power, the choice power and the liking power would increase. More over make in India and made in India pitch has taken the momentum and many Industries have also revived production strategy and even the people who are fed up with pandemic loss and stay put in the homes are coming out and rearing to go with good energy in store. Therefore author need not have any apprehension.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Historically stock market had always shown an up-down trend in accordance with the economic scenario and natural disasters. That is where some shrewd market players make money. That type of prediction is not the cup of tea of everyone but some people have that judgement and make merry with huge profits in share market. For a common person it is only an indication of growth in manufacturing and economic situation of the country. Today the pandemic seems to be receding at a slow pace and many investors have already started small buying in chunks for making a profit later. The manufacturing facilities are going to manufacture more in the post-Covid arena and economic activities are going to look up. There is going to be a good export potential as many advanced countries have suffered big losses during the present Covid phase and will like to import certain items for which they do not have an appropriate capacity. In all likelihood the stock markets will have an uptrend in the coming times. Stock markets have a tendency of getting heated up more than necessary and that creates false high in it but it always comes down after that. Same thing happens when the markets are sinking and then they sink below the expected bottoms. This behaviour of stock market is beneficial for some expert investors but for all of us it is difficult thing to understand such strange ways of market.
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    Stock markets will flourish sometimes and sometimes will go down. Predicting the correct rate is very difficult. But people who are well versed with these activities. We have seen many ups and downs. A fall is not permanent and it may go up again. Presently a downtrend is going on. But shortly I feel they will reach their old positions.
    Now we are all expecting an increase in the manufacturing and service sectors and that will give a boost to the stock market.
    India may become a most desired destination for many foreign investors and that may lead to some more openings and economy may improve. So people go back to their normal life once vaccine for COVID19 is available to the public. Then people will go for all purchase as they were doing before COVID19. I have no doubt regarding this matter.

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    Stock markets are already trading at all time high. It is a good sign. Those who are observing or trading in the stock market know very well that the stock markets will react prior to the event that is going to happen in future. The stock markets trading high means the economy is going to revive very fast. Since the Covid-19 is under control and vaccine is available very much soon in India, there is no chance for the second wave. The world will see a complete new economic phenomena post Covid situation. India may record double digit GDP growth rate in the near future as there will be lot of relocation of companies around the world.

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    Surge in the stock market reflects a healthy trend and this trend will be further supported by the investors who were away from the market. This is due to the fact that there has been significant drop of COVID 19 and the vaccine of the same is most likely to come up shortly.
    Investors would like to avail of the opportune phase so as to recover their losses in the past. Foreign investors were out of the market because of global economic slowdown and prior to such a phase, these investors had their ultimate destination in India since they were aware of inherent potential of Indian market. The entire favourable climate of India and joining the foreign investors along with our own would push up the market to a significant level.

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