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    Goddess Andal festivity for thirty days begins today

    Andal the beautiful and graceful daughter of Periyazhwar attained the glory with her rendition of Tirupavai in the praise of Lord Krishna and having impressed by her devotion she was made the consort of Lord Ranganadha and thus this Goddess Andal festivity for thirty days begins today. Whole of the Tamil Nadu temples were agog with activities as daily one pasuram written and followed by Andal is rendered and Pongal prasad is served to the devotees. During this Dhanurmasam the whole month dedicated to Goddess Andal.
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    Dhanurmasam is started from today. Coming 30 days will be dedicated to Goddess Andal. In almost all Vaishnava temples we see a lot of activity. Early morning Naivyedyam is the speciality of this month. In Telugu, we call it Bala Bhogam. Gonda Kalyanam will be performed in this month. I pray Goddess Andal to bring health and peace to this earth so that all the people will lead a healthy and peaceful life. Tirupavai will be rendered during the month in all these temples.
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