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    Is KCR on the mission to have patch up with BJP?

    In politics there is no permanent enemy and permanent friends, the things gets changed as per the voters expectations and decisions and the parties have to change their principles and try to have patch up with either too enemy parties. The same is happening in TRS as it lost one assembly and many Divisions in Civic polls and thus felt the heat of BJP turning to be their alternate. KCR third front was also a failure and therefore he has the compulsions to sail with BJP and support it. But the state unit of BJP wants to be enemy of TRS.
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    I don't think KCR will become friends with BJP. KCR is having a strong bond with MIM. He will never leave them as their support is very much required in Telangana in General and GHMC in particular for winning the elections. He can't be friends with both BJP and MIM. An enemy of MIM can become a friend of BJP. But a friend of MIM can't become a friend of BJP also.
    The third front formation is not visible now and it may take more time. So KCR has to wait. AP Ex-Chief Minister Naidu lost elections by going against BJP. Now KCR is going to taste the defeat shortly in the hands of BJP. GHMC results are indicating the same.
    I feel Harish Rao or any other prominent leader from TRS should administer a break in TRS and should support BJP. That will change all the existing equations. This is my prediction and let us wait and see.

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    There is no permanent friend or enemy in poltics but vested interests. Everything is possible in politics. BJP has won ground in Telengna in recent local elections and most probably will give tough fight in next assembly elections as well. Also it may surprise to all by emerging as the largest party.

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    Generally politics had been a matter of convenience for the leaders to reach the position for which all this hue and cry is being made. For reaching that place they will do all sort of coalitions and defections till their objective is met. We have seen this happening in our country as well as elsewhere in the world and if it happens in his case also then we are not surprised.
    Knowledge is power.

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