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    Which Hindi movie, now in the making, is expected to make waves in 2021?

    Not much is known about Hindi movies now. The Tamil newspapers are all obsessed with only Rajnikant and his politics. However, we also need quality entertainment and Hindi movies are also quite entertaining for many reasons. The film "3 idiots" was superbly done.

    Do we have any such movie coming up in early 2021? When the virus is almost as good as gone by May 2021, which is expected to happen, we would like to go around a bit and also see movies in the big multiplexes, as we used to do before Coronavirus.

    Members who are following the trends and news circulating in the Hindi press and the English press in North India, may please do share this news. There is a talk that "Soorai Potru" which was released in Tamil and Telugu recently on the OTT platform and made such a massive success, will now be made in Hindi. Is this true? And who will be the hero?
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    When we go through the list of movies that are going to be released in December 2020 and January 2021, I saw the following names.
    25 December 2020 Shakeela
    25 December 2020 Coolie No.1 [digital release only]
    22 January 2021 Satya Sai Baba
    22 January 2021 Mere Desh Ki Dharti
    All these are normal movies and Satya Sai baba may be a historical movie. So no movie like 3 idiots in this list.
    Hindi movie field is a vast field and many movies maybe there ready for release in addition to the above list.

    always confident

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