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    Rogue instinct incites bad things

    Rogue instinct is a tendency to deceive, default and get involved in the immoral and illegal things. I think everyone has some degree of this instinct. It provokes a person for many bad things. We may try to behave but it somewhere stimulates the evil desire and leaves plagued by its impact.
    It may incite you to punch every other person criticising you and abuse others. The rogue instinct pushes a person to do self-praise and look others down. Everyone tries to behave before others but inside incite this scoundrel instinct and motivates a person to hit everyone talking before you. It may provoke people to immoral and illegal things as well. It's important to tap this rogue instinct and not be a problem for others.
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    Some people are rogue instinct due to devoid of the sacrament and some people who have got human birth today and they torture others in this life by their misdeeds, do injustice with others. The truth is that we should stay away from such kind of people. To avoid evil people, you need to have foresight. You must come to recognize what the behavior of people is. The evil person neither maintains happiness and peace in his life nor does such people allow others to live life in peace, so the negative influence comes into your life as much as you come in contact with these people.
    Swati Sharma

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    All of us have rogue instinct by nature but those who subdue it remain calm and those who don't subdue it make them aggressive. I have read a book of a great scholar which explained all good and bad qualities of animals and compared them to human qualities. In which he proved that if all good qualities of dog are adopted by Man he will become a good human. Some of them are loyalty, tolerance , alertness , helpfulness , dedication, bravery etc

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    Many of us will have a rogue instinct inside to some extent. But the good instinct inside us may dominate the rogue instinct and made us behave good. But the rogue instinct dominates the other one, the rogue will come out and we will behave like a rogue. People who are having God fear and believe in values and ethics will never do such evil acts. When a person behaves in a proper manner only we can call him a human being. We can say that many of these rogues will not have any humanity in their minds. They never care for the sentiments of the other people and go on doing their own evil works.
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    Think of those days when men used to live in caves and hunt animals to survive. It was natural at that time. Men evolved from time to time and also reformed their behaviour. There are certain behaviours that many humans couldn't give up and when such things are predominant people become uncontrolled and their rogue instincts are noticeable. We need to apply our minds to be in control all the time and that is the superiority of human beings over other species.

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    Nicely said by the author that the rogue instinct developed through close behavior of confident friend who turned to be rogue first and by virtue of continuing friendship even others get transported to his league automatically. And those who are turned rogue cannot be changed with good advise, largess or even some cash rewards because their brain is always planning a big cheating way to get fame and money but they end as thud because the law would catch with them for the ignorance of things which expose them as the culprits easily. So the rogue instinct through friends need to be avoided.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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