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    It is better to remain silent in some circumstances.

    Many times in human life such situations arise when everything depends on our way speak. In such a situation, one should always work with wisdom and in some circumstances should remain calm. Because your qualities are reflected by your words. A crow is black and the cuckoo is also black, But the voice of the crows sounds hoarse and the voice of the cuckoo is sweet so everyone is loved.

    We should also learn something from the cuckoo, do not speak unnecessarily all the time. If we cannot become a cuckoo, then we must also stop ourselves from becoming a crow.

    Whenever you speak, speak sweetly or remain silent, because it is better to remain silent than to speak bitter and wrong. In these circumstances, it is better to remain silent -

    In front of unknown people,
    In anger,
    In front of fools and fools,
    When you can't handle bad situations
    On our mistake.

    Members, please share your views, why, and when we should remain silent.
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    I agree with the author and she gave the example of coarce of voice of crow and sweet voice of cuckoo is quite pertinet. We should speak in this way which doesnot feel bad to others. Speaking indecently is never welcomed.
    Even being engaged in any debate we should keep in mind how we are puttig our views as well as manner of expression should be taken care of. Sometimes, silence is more effective than speak, particularly in a situation when someone is aggressive, arrogant and haughty and he can't tolerte any rebuttal. Therefore, convincing him will not affect, in this situation, it's better to keep silent or change the topic or move from the spot.

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    True. We should maintain silence some times. When there is no value to words it is better not to talk. It is a waste. When the other person can't understand your language there is no use talking. We should speak in a very calculated way when the situation is not good. Any word which gives a negative meaning may lead to disturbances. When we are in a bad mood also we should not speak. Unnecessarily the other people may misunderstand your words and the gap will get widened. A slip of the tongue is always destructive. So we should have strict control over our speech.
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    When it is not required one should not speak but while speaking one has to be careful. If others are hurt by the way you speak it will not be helpful to you and will complicate the matter. We cannot stay alone and need to be in touch with others for our survival. If others do not feel good while meeting you they will begin to avoid you and you will be cornered. This will make you unhappy and worried internally. If people always feel good and happy after meeting you you will also feel upbeat which is very important to progress in every sphere. All this depends on our behaviour. When we feel the environment is not suitable for us to speak we should avoid speaking rather than saying something which can make others offended or the situation complicated.

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    It is always better to talk less and listen more. While talking, we should be polite and courteous. At times it is necessary to talk firmly and make ourselves clear to the other person. When we talk to strangers, we have to be cautious not to utter anything that is not necessary. We cannot judge other people as fools and in fact, we may be talking foolishly.
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    I will not fully agree to the author's point of view here. Though, what is being told about silence, may hold true under some circumstances. But, at times, speaking up makes a lot of difference. Especially, if you speak up for what is right, at the right time, it makes a big impact. Ofcourse, we need not always be rude or get agressive while speaking up. But in my personal opinion, instead of just bottling up emotions and end up getting hurt, it is always better to speak your mind while maintaining decorum.

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    I do agree with the author that to some extent by remaining silent we stand to advantage for many reasons . That by watching the entire thing going on in front of us and not making any comment, we are giving ourselves a chance to give the right feed back at the right time. That we are gaining time to respond and reply with more positivity and amicable nature likable to the opposite person. And by we remaining silent there would be thought process from the opposite side as to why we are keeping low and not speaking out and that makes them to go slow against the overtures and that kind of cushion timing would make us to think differently and respond with new suggestions. One thing is sure the more we keep silent and take the issue to the inner thought, the best ideas would emanate out of our past experiences.
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