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    How to take care of our Children from virtual school stress?

    Inspite of schools being closed, classes are still continuing through online. It is happier to some extent and can't stop admiring at the technological advancement. Kids learning more from additional resources that are available in internet. But there are few drawbacks, one among them is children's health, especially their sight.

    Though the classes below 5th grade are excerpted from live online classes, their screen time to educational videos are increased. Schools are sending more videos to watch and learn. For classes above 8th, some schools scheduled virtual class hours equipment to physical school hours, which is really horrible.

    I hear from my friends that their kids eyes are very much strained and more depressed due to technical glitches, non interactive classes etc.

    What are the schedules to be maintained for their healthy life style?
    How to limit their screen time?
    What kind of diet to be planned?
    Eyes-I have more concern for children sight. So how to take care of their eyes?
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    This is an inherent problem. When we sit before a TV for longer hours we feel the strain. Actually, when we see TV we need not concentrate very much. But when the children want to learn they should concentrate on the screen and see what is displayed there and also hear very carefully what the teacher is talking. This will give big stress to the students. That will also give pain to their eyes. So the parents should give them sufficient health food so that they will maintain good health. These days we are getting antiglare glasses. If we purchase plain glasses of this type without any power and give it to the children, that will bring them good relief and their eyes will not suffer that much. Vitamin D and fruits should be given more. Once this COVID 19 vaccine comes and regular schools start the students will have their normal classes and schools as usual.
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