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    Indian politics and women's representation.

    There have been many women in modern Indian politics, whose historical role is well known to us. The political role and initiative of women have been important during the independence movements, from running the government in independent India. Despite this, when it comes to female participation in politics, the figures present a very disappointing picture.

    It is seen in most of the parties that there is a large number of women participating in the election campaign or other party functions, but when it comes to contesting elections, only a small percentage is available.

    Many women come after winning elections, but when it comes to deciding where what and how to make decisions then male members of the family take that decision. However, this situation is more seen in panchayat elections. The picture is slightly different in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

    Inactive politics is not just the responsibility of political parties for the situation of women, but also our society, which is not ready easily to accept women in politics.
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    Women are an integral part of Indian society and culture. They are worshipped as Goddes Durga. Yes, they were not looked upon as leaders but, that thing is also gradually changing. Just 20 years post-independence, India had its first woman Prime Minister. Women are actively participating in Indian Politics. 16 times women had led an Indian state government. The 17th Lok Sabha has the highest ever number of women participation with a total of 78 which is nearly 14%. However, in rural administration, we are still lagging in women's participation and I think this is an area we need to work on now and change the patriarchal mindset of the rural society and uphold the women there also.

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    Yes. Women are not playing an important role. As mentioned by the author a lady will be the Panchyat President but the ruling will be carried out by her husband. Only for namesake, the name of the lady will be there. Many times the village people themselves don't know that the lady is their Surpunch. This I have seen in many villages. But at MLA and MP level the case may be different. But the numbers are very less.
    There were ladies who played very important roles and did their job well. We know about Sarojini Devi, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, Rudrama Devi and many others who did an excellent job. Indira Gandhi did an excellent job as the Prime Minister of India. We know Sushma Swaraj and now we are seeing Smirthi Irani and Nirmala.
    More participation of ladies in politics may reduce corruption and they can make good decisions based on the situation and can manage much better than their male counterparts.

    always confident

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    Indian society is changing slowly. Women are coming up and enjoying their lives. However, in some sections of the society women are still deprived of their rights due to monopoly of Man based on Man supremacy theory. Politcs is not exempted . It also utterly affected by this mentality.
    Women are not given opportunity to contest elections as the men are given. It doesnot mean that women are not in politics. They are in politics but a few of them are in each political party. They need nore representations in politics. In local elections women contest elections but after winning they work as 'a rubber stamp' and real office holders are their husbands

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    It is the fact that women entry into politics is always guarded by the men in control and she has to be in the ambit of working on the advise of her husband or the close confidants. It is the fact that some constituencies and seats are reserved for women to be elected but when it comes to decision and ruling the men takes the call. The other day when I saw the address done by the women corporator who got elected, she is consulting her husband for everything she is going to utter and that proved what I was saying. Even during the Congress committee meetings we do see over presence of male members and few or single presence of female members and this party always talks about women power and their rights. Nevertheless women in politics is always guarded and guided by men and she cannot take individual shots.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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