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    Satisfaction only can give you happiness

    When we see some people we feel that they are leading an excellent life. But when we talk to them we feel that are not very happy. We fail to understand the reasons.

    But some people may be living in very difficult conditions. But when we talk to them they talk very happily and they will never express any unhappiness. We will get puzzled.

    But when we analyse the situation, we can understand the difference between the two people. Some people will never be satisfied with whatever they have and they will be always worrying about what they don't have. But some people will be satisfied with whatever they have and try to lead a happy life.

    The difference is Satisfaction. Satisfaction brings happiness. A satisfied person is always a happy person. I like to know the views of other members on this.
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    I agree with the author that satisfaction brings happiness. Actually, happiness can be found even with small things. But satisfaction is not so easily felt. Then happiness can be found outside oneself, but satisfaction has no relation with outside. She can only be found from within. When we are happy from within, then we go somewhere and move towards satisfaction. When you are delighted inside you, do not need to tell anyone, nor to laugh at anyone because your personality is a mirror and the mirror never lies. So it depends on us to be happy.

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    Satisfaction has a very crucial but dual role in our lives. It is a great attribute if one gets satisfied in life by certain ways of living and the results obtained from his deeds and efforts. Most of the people complain about everything available in their lives and always appear dissatisfied. It is very true that satisfaction brings happiness because it helps in reducing the stress in our mind to a minimum level. At the same time satisfaction has a negative dark side also which has affected the career of many satisfied people. What happens is that when a person gets satisfied with something which he has achieved then he remains stagnant there itself as he has no strong desire to achieve more and more. The fighting spree comes from that desire only. Yearning for more means life will be full of stress and strains but results will also be commensurate and rewarding but happiness will not be a continuous thing in such a situation and will be there only for some intermittent periods. So satisfaction is a double edged sword. It has two clear consequences.
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    I agree with the author that satisfaction is indispensable for happiness. It's a fact that nobody can ever live happily until he is satisfied to what he has achieved and possessed.
    But most of us are not satisfied to what we have got so far in our lives as everyone wants to have more progress, more money, more popularity, more land, more power and this 'More' can never be satiated. This 'more' should not control our mind , else we can be indulged in any criminal and inhuman activity.

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    We have made certain conditions for our happiness and being satisfied after an achievement is one such important condition. It is true that there are people who never feel satisfied and hence they remain unhappy. We always look for happiness outside ourselves and that's why when we find certain things not according to our choice we remain unhappy. I think we remain unsatisfied when we cannot accept things or situation in certain ways. If we can easily accept it then there is a chance to remain satisfied and hence happy.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    There are people who would not be satisfied with whatever the possessions they have. They would be interested to have more and this attitude is to blamed for their dissatisfaction. Such an attitude is independent of the class - affluent or otherwise. We have the people around us looking very satisfied though internally they are over stressed. They know how to cope with the tension. In our society, we may come across the people having meagre income but they know how to remain satisfied with their existing incomes. This satisfaction quotient keeps such people away from their mental stress and they can best manage their life style disease due to this trait.

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    Rightly said by the author that for any work to be initiated we must have the interest and also plan to have full implementation process so that the work gets more interesting and that gives the best satisfaction. When we start the new work, probably we are misguided and the secrets are not revealed to us in the first instances because the others want us to find and explore the inner sights on our own and that would be the rewarding experience of learning. Even in the company the new employees are not exposed to all work learning and the management would be keenly watching as to how we seek to know new work and so on. That kind of interest to know how is very essential to learn new things and that would bring the required satisfaction at the work place. And the satisfied employees are going to be more dedicated and fast.
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    This is universal. Without satisfaction, there will not be happiness. Greediness makes one unhappy. There will not be an end to possession of wealth if one is not satisfied with what he has.
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