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    "Government talks bound to fail."

    The Supreme Court of India commented that the talks between the Government and the agitating farmers bound to fail. It was hearing a petition on the farmer's agitation for the repeal of the farm laws. The Apex Court proposed a panel consisting of the representatives of the Government and the farmer's associations across the country. Now there will be progress as the Government representatives and the farmer representatives have to discuss and arrive at a solution. The Government cannot be adamant as well as the agitating farmers. This is a welcome decision. There are certain genuine grievances from the farmer's side and certain provisions in the laws that give undue advantage to the private players who will be entering the contract farming and marketing laws. The provisions allowing storage of any amount of food grains and not allowing the farmers to go to the court of law in case of contract farming need to be modified. Hope a solution will be found and the agitation comes to an end.
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    It is a good decision by the supreme court. The constitution of an Apex committee including the representatives from the former's association and the government is a good move. This will make both the parties to sit and discuss point by point and where there is a need to amend can be amended so that farmers will also be happy and welcome the new act. I feel farmers should not continue their agitation as long as the apex body is discussing and finding an amicable solution to the problems. That will bring in peace and people can think more peacefully and see that the best possible solution will come out.
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    It is a right decision by the SC to find a good solution to the farmers problem. Anyway, the farm laws are like new born babies with some defect in their physique. They cannot be killed or put back into the womb. Some operation (amendment)is required for their survival. Such amendment should be accepted by both government and the farmers. A complete roll back or repeal is not possible. If done, it would be a precedence set. Hence, not recommended. It is only the change of words and sentences that suits to both the parties.
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    The apex court must have gauged the situation and made the comment. A solution has to be found and for that, both the government and the farmers have to sit together to find a solution. Maybe the talks between them failed earlier because both were adamant and didn't budge from their main stand. Now it is hoped there will be discussion between the representatives in the proposed panel to find a solution. Whatever may be the resentment it can only be solved through a proper dialogue. Both sides have to listen to each other. If everybody talks and nobody listens then the impasse will continue.

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    Even this may fail as the farmers want nothing but the repeal of the three farm laws. Certainly, there are certain clauses that are questionable. They give the impression that private players are at an advantage. Let us hope the problem will be solved at an early date.
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    Supreme court Judgement will be close to Central Government will or decision there is no doubt about it. Recently the vice president Venkaiah Naidu told the court to have to follow or backed the Government's decisions and policies for the smooth flow of the Constitution or not triggering the constitutional crisis. The Courts should not intervene much in the Government policies and decisions he reiterated in his speech.
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    The Supreme Court should give its judgments based on the merits of the case. In most of the cases, the Government will be the defendant. It is the duty of the Supreme Court to safeguard the constitutional rights of the citizens.
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    #717990 I agree with you but I have a big question mark whether the court will make a decision against the Government? We have seen many cases in the recent past in which the supreme court passed a judgment which is in favor of Government.
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    The Punjab farmers protest is not justified. Modi government's three farm laws are aimed at improving the livlihood of poor farmers. In India, 75 percent of farmers are owing a few acres or cent land, and they work on the field 24x7. While they spend many months to cultivate the product and sell it to Mandi Lords for a very minimal profit, the Mandi lords spend a very few minutes to take and sell the product with high profit. The poor farmer remains poor for ever and the rich Mandiman grow rich and rich. Government wants to de-link these middlemen and make farmers free to sell their product to anyone. Yet they have given the option to choose the middlemen to sell their product. Certainly the corporates come to their rescue in a big way. Ultimately the consumers too get the products at less price.

    No harm, Corporates provide jobs to many to convert the raw product into useful consumable products. Many Indians are surviving due to the existence of corporates in our country.

    Punjab farmers produce only high cost rice and wheat . Look at the Basmati rice and its cost (more than Rs. 100/-), and compare it with the rice produced by the poor farmers of the south (Less than Rs.30/- a kilo).

    I am sure, SC will favour the government's farm bill with certain amendments agreeable to both government and the rich protesting farmers.

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    When the two sides comes for the negotiating table there cannot be one sided over expectation demand and there should be give and take policy But the farmers seems to be heavily relying on political parties feed and not agreeing to amends suggested by the farmers. Now that the SC has involved in this case, the two sides need to respect the court orders and report for the amicable settlement in the interest of the country. Hope the representative committee appointed by the court for both sides would deliberate and discuss various pros and cons and arrive at the settlement accord soon.
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    Now supreme court is going to take this responsibility to find an amicable solution of on going standoff between government and farmers, I hope this protest will come to an end soon.

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    Yet, Punjab farm union leaders are not ready. They are still adamant with their stand Yes or No repeal. They would be ready to form a committee only after the withdrawal of the bill. Such an adamant attitude is not expected from the farmer group. They should change their mind set and respect the SC, and go by its recommendation.
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    ^But if supreme court passed an order to farmers they will have to abide by it. Going against supreme court may be contempt of court.

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    As per the supreme court directive a panel will be formed where the representatives of farmers and Govt will talk the matter and find out a solution. Whenever a law is enacted there are always some flaws in it when people start to think deeply about the implementation part. So, those ambiguities can be modified by the discussions during the panel meetings. Govt cannot dictate a law to be implemented till the people are agreeable to it and otherwise are adamant to agitate against it. The experts in law can definitely modify these new laws to the satisfaction of the people.
    My basic doubt in the matter is whether this is a genuine agitation by the farmers and do they really understand the law so deeply or some people having some hidden agenda are taking shelter of this agitation for their own benefits and political motives. In politics such things happen many time and it could be one of those things.
    This doubt gets confirmed from the fact that for last 70-75 years the farmers were at the losing ends and were in the clutches of the middlemen and in fact they should have celebrated the announcement by the Govt who is trying to eradicate the middlemen and bad elements from the farmer to customer chain. Instead of appreciating the good intentions of the Govt they are going against it. So there is something black in the bottom and it would come out soon.
    Whenever Govt does something good in the overall interest of the nation these elements assemble and create problems. Many faces which are being seen in this crowd have nothing to do with farmers and why they are present there is a thing to be investigated.

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    The latest news is that the court has asked government to stall the farm laws as the talks are being initiated through the special committees formed for the purpose from both sides. But the government has told the court that it is not possible to stall the new farm laws as it is already implemented and the larges are being enjoyed by the farmers across the country and by stalling such a good scheme the farmers would deprived of the benefits. Moreover the handful of farmers who formed themselves a union cannot dictate terms to a law and order that was passed by the Parliament and surely the Judiciary is having confrontation with the executive in this case. If the elected government with majority cannot take far reaching decisions the very essence of democracy is lost for forever and SC must understand this.
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    Supreme Court has only advised the Govt to stall the law and now if the Govt says that it cannot be done then SC will only insist for forming the committee for review. That is the usual way of the courts to advise the Govt in the matters where public hue and cry is made. If Govt stalls the laws in this case then in future some people with money power will stage a big agitation and Govt will not be allowed to make any new law.
    Same thing happened during the citizenship amendment act (CAA) when the agitators told that they will not show their documents to Govt that they are residing in the country and they said that documents are gone in the flood. Now Govt is going to give corona vaccine in the centres on production of Aadhar card etc and how these people will get vaccine if they are not ready to show their documents.

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    The Supreme court will not interfere with the farmers' peaceful protest saying that protesting is a fundamental right. It would interfere only if there is violence. SC insists on the dialogue between the government and farm union leaders to bring out the problems and settle them. If the protestors say that they would have dialogue only if the three laws are repealed, what if the government says that they would talk only if they give up their protest.

    At this juncture, both government and union leaders choose to have a special committee with representatives from across the country's farmers, and experts from the government, to discuss amendments to the three laws, to have an amicable settlement.

    There is no question of repealing or rollback or withdrawal of the bill which has already been passed.

    My other question is - Why not the farmers protest by not visiting their farmlands and stop producing? This would be the right way to protest without disturbing the public. By blocking the roads, they are causing inconvenience to the public and the movement of vehicles.

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    @SuN: Your suggestion that farmers should go back to their farmland and should stop producing crop as their protest against three laws. Farmers can say to you when they were protesting on railway tarack in Punjab for two months nobody listened to them , how they can be heard in their famrland?
    I am sure when Supreme Court has taken interest about this protest, soon solution will be finalised which will be acceptable to the government as well as farmers. There should be a middle path of disputes. The government will bring farmers back to dialogue to solve this issue.

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    Agreed. Why should Punjab/Haryana farmers block the road and protest to disturb the public? Why can't they go to the Punjab government secretariat building and protest against the farm bill? It will be heard and conveyed. Why can't they tell their problems to their own government to solve the farmers' issue? Because, the government is not BJP, but Congress. Else they can go to a Maidan or open space in Delhi and protest. They can't do it, because they won't enjoy it like they are enjoying on the borders. They would suffer which they cannot bear.

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    If farmers have really understood the harmful things for them in these new laws then it makes sense to agitate and ask Govt to cancel them. We do not see any such thing happening in the country on a large scale. So if only a handful people are doing this agitation based on some other hidden agenda then the Govt should deal with it firmly and treat them with force and remove from the roads which they have unnecessarily encroached.
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    Supreme court has said that the farmers have the right to protest, and it is their fundamental right according to constitution. Hence,they won't interfere in the farmers protest against the government.

    My question is -
    Is it a fundamental right for anyone to block the road and protest causing disturbance to the public? Supreme court should condemn and warn the farmers for protesting by blocking the road causing inconvenience to the road users.

    It is only the rich Punjab and Haryana farmers who form only 6 percent of the entire farming community of India protesting against the bill. 94 percent of the farmers are happy with the three laws and minding their business.

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    Supreme Court has intervened in the matter and it has directed both the government representatives and the leaders of the farmers to sit together and they should try to resolve the anomalies cropping up in their discussions. It should be from point to point basis so that there is no escape of any core point. The adamant attitude of the either side would prove to be counterproductive.
    However, during the table of discussions, nothing should remain suppressed and every point should be taken up for discussion so that outcome is positive. Though government is trying its best to eliminate the middlemen in the system for the interest of the group of farmers, the middlemen are seen active to frustrate this attempt. However, sitting together of the peasants and government spokesman during the discussion table this issue would be resolved amicably.

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    I would recommend the committee formed by the government and the farmers should sit aside, and a retired supreme court judge should hear both sides reading out the bill, point by point, discuss the pros and cons, and amend the bill accordingly.
    Adamancy on repeal or rollback is not possible, and should not be entertained. We should not set such precedence as the government will lose its value and importance.

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    @SuN: These three laws were passed by the central government, this is why they are on the borders of Delhi. According to them, they have proposed to continue this sit-in in Ramlila ground in mid- Delhi but they have not been permitted.
    Do you think if they are really enjoying cold nights in open space?
    This protest has become a centre of politics. Congress, AAP, Samajwadi Party, RJD and Communist parties etc are taking much interest in it.

    Congress is creating pressure on Haryana government and its partner JJP and up to great extent it's succeeded to take them under pressure, JJP and some BJP leaders whose base of the vote is farmers they are also restless. In Punjab, elections are in two years so Congress wants to have the sympathy of farmers to win the election. AAP is also openly supporting farmers because they want to strengthen their position in Punjab. Bhartiya Kisan Union of U.P is also taking part in this protest, so Samajwadi Party is trying to take sympathy of farmers in next elections.
    This is nothing but sheer politics.

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    Cold is not new to Punjab farmers. They can bear the chilly climatic conditions. So cold nights are spent with winter wears. It is not a suffering but a routine life in the northern states.
    As you rightly said that political parties are taking advantage of this situation to get sympathy votes from farmers of Punjab, Haryana and UP.
    I am sure, Modi government won't yield to the pressure created by these political parties through farmers.

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