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    People of India are ruining the cultural and religious heritage in the name of modernity.

    India has a deep, sound, and unique cultural and religious heritage that has attracted many across the globe. But now, people for the sake of politics, entertainment, liberalism, and modernity are mocking and ruining our heritage. And if you object, they will allege you for the infringement of their freedom of expression.

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    This is very true. When many foreign people are appreciating our culture and method of livings, we never appreciate the same. We are showing more inclination towards western culture. This is a real problem in our society these days. The norms that are being followed by our elders are not being appreciated by us and we say they are orthodox.
    When I was in high school, my grandmother was forcing me to wash my feet before entering the house. We used to think this her wrong sentiment. But now we are following the same norm because of COVID 19. Like this our cultural values are being brought down.
    Our culture says that we should respect a lady always. But how many problems ladies are facing in our society? Like this we deviate in many places.

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    The most intolerable pity in this is our own followers doing this killing and ruining. Products especially medicines are produced in different names by different companies with same combination in order to earn money out of this. It is also tolerable but saying theirs is more good than others is intolerable. It is heart paining when hearing from our own country people telling as,'what is in India, our people are lazy'. Non following rituals etc., by one own itself main reason. Conversion of religions also a reason for this. Humans are said to be possessing sixth sense over other living beings but when humans are behaving like animals how can we expect respect for religion or culture from them.

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    Are we really aware of our culture and heritage? We learn things by following others and if we do not do the right things we must be made aware of that. It is true that youngsters do not always listen to the elders but elders also have the responsibility to make the youngsters understand the usefulness of our rich heritage and culture. What I feel modernity is a way of doing things or looking at things in a realistic and easy way. Naturally, everybody will choose it but in the name of modernity if people are misguided then it's a different story. One has to know the logic behind all such things. All the customs or religious activities have a reason behind it. I agree there may be many superstitious activities but we need to explore to find out whether it's a superstition or logical. As the custom of washing of feet mentioned by Dr Rao in his reply, there are many such things. Cleaning of hands and feet is for hygienic purpose and it is neither superstition nor outdated. Somebody must make the others understand the logic/purpose behind such things and then only you may expect others to follow such things. If young old alike engage in a tussle over culture/heritage without trying to explain their views the situation is not going to improve.

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    There are people who are among the out of box thought people and who cannot adjusts with the thought process of normal people and they vent their own feelings on matters which are same but different for them.
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