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    The warmth of winters - Season of joy

    Winter.The most beautiful season in a year. Season of lights. Season of joy. December, January, and February are the three months of the winter season. The winter season is otherwise called the holiday season, the festive season, the Christmas season, or the New Year season.
    The winter season is very cold. Even if it is the coldest season, it gives much warmness to our hearts. Many days when you look out the window in the morning you can see nothing, in particular, only snow like white smoke. During this season people wear woolen clothes like jackets, sweaters, and coats to warm. Even in the early morning, it feels like sleeping under a blanket. I even wish I could have had a cup of black tea in bed in the morning to warm up. Some of my friends burn little pieces of wood to get some warmth.

    When I hear of winter, the first thing that comes to my mind is Christmas and New Year. With the advent of the Christmas season, only carols and cribs (pulkoodu) can be seen from anywhere. Carol arrives with song and dance in a different way. Shining stars everywhere, Santa Claus with a handful of presents, colorful lawns, and Christmas trees. When we say Christmas..these are the sights that run through the minds of the Malayalees.

    From childhood, Winter was my favorite season of every year. The winter season is my favorite because it has a week full of festivities and we get our vacations at that time. Our school closes for a vacation of two weeks for Christmas and New Year. Christmas is on December 25th and New Year on January 1 every year. Even a few days before December 25, Instead of saying good morning and good afternoon everyone welcomes others by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year.

    Celebrations are not just for our family and friends. May every person we meet next year be filled with joy, hope, peace, and love. Be kindful and generous to others
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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    As mentioned by the author winter is a special season. I have a special habit of going to the terrace of my house from where I can clearly see tops of three temples which are around my house. It is my habit to offer my prayers from there. As winter becomes severe it becomes very difficult to see them as snow covers the temples completely and nothing is clearly visible. Another important aspect of this season is days are shorter and nights are longer. We feel the day is passing quickly. Pongal is an important festival we celebrate in this season and even though it is very cold it is very thrilling to get up in the morning and have an open fire in the road centres and enjoying the warmth from the fire on the day of Bhogi, the first day of a three-day festival.
    Looking ice-covered on almost all the items in the open gives a very good feeling when we see them early in the morning. The growth of trees and plants will be very minimum during these days and flowers also will become less. Many animals and birds will migrate to the places where this cold is less. Ice, Snow, Snowfall and hail will accompany winter always.

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    Winter is a beautiful season and the nature looks very beautiful and special in early mornings. I like winter than any other seasons as I don't find any discomfort like in rainy or summer season. Like many who find discomfort in cold I don't find any problems in winter season. If we cover a blanket at night in bed with the warmth we get a good sleep.

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    In hot countries many people like the winter season. It is so comfortable to move around. One feels good in basking in the Sun. Winter has a feeling of celebrations and the mood is set with the Christmas and new year. Winter is the time when we enter the new year with renewed vigour and energy and take many vows and resolutions to be observed during the new year. I like the winter season much and feel cosy and comfortable walking and moving here and there under the Sun. I wait for the winter every year and I know that it would come with its full glory this year also.
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    The author has brought in this wonderful thread connected to the nature and winter behavior in many places across the country in general and in North India particularly where in the people dress up with special attractive attires arresting the onlookers and the way colorful wind cheaters are worn is the treat to the eyes, Many in the country always welcome the winter as it is easy to get going with warm cloths whereas the severity of summer and rainy seasons are nasty and cannot be tolerated. Therefore for me also the best choice of climate is winter and we stay put sleeping for extra hours too.
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    Winter is my favorite season. It brings festivals and vacations to enjoy with family. I like to feel cozy in bed with a blanket and a cup of coffee. We get many fruits in winters and even fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a longer time during this season.
    The only problematic thing during winters is washing hands with cold water while cooking or pursuing any other work. People with weak immunity need to take extra care or they may catch a cold very fast.


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    The author has beautifully described the cold weather. In this climate, the coolness in the environment is spread everywhere, it is wonderful weather. During the winter months, the mountainous region is covered with snow, and sometimes the temperature is very low. I also like this season especially since having tea this season is my favorite part of my routine. People who like to sleep also like cold weather as we know nights are longer than other nights. Since this season is good for health, taking whole grains in this season is always a good deal. Use it either by sprouting or by making all kinds of cereal flour. One most important thing which should keep people in their mind in this winder is sanitization. As we all know these days we need to take care of ourselves from the virus so keep follow all rules which helps us to prevent corona.
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    I like this season very much. Nature all around seems very fresh due to cold weather. In this season when I wake up early in the morning, seeing my garden with blossoms flower make me happy. Wearing colourful woollen cloth gives a new look for us. Having hot tea or coffee gives more energy. Oftentimes, deep fog can be seen in the sky. Many people like to sleep more in the winter season as the weather is cool.

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    This is the season which offers us to eat lot of spices, til and jagerry to keep our body fit for the rest of eight months of the year. It is said that the energy so restored keeps us health y throughout the year. Moreover the festivals are back to back with dhanumasa for Hindus and Christmas for christians along with New year celebrated by all communities. It unites us together bringing joy, excitement through our prayers in mantras or songs.
    Covering the entire body with woollen clothes, safeguarding our skin is a bit cumbersome task which needs to be checked regularly.

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    I like the winter season much. There is no suffocation because of heat and no sweating and no feeling of sultriness. One can have the warmth of the Sun and walk under it. It is definitely a joyful time.
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    Winter is also my favourite season as there is no sweating and we don't need ACs for the comfort . One can sit under the sun and get fun of nature by seeing outside. Also one can enjoy going out as one feel uncomfortable the same in summers. Also one can go to the hill station to enjoy the view of snow . In summers when the rents of the hotel's there is high , one can easily enjoy the snow capped mountains in the winters.

    I have always enjoyed wearing jackets so I can fulfill my passion for them in the winters. It's not easy to get up early from the bed in the morning in the winters as I feel very good sleeping under the blanket but still it's adventurous to wake up early in the morning and to go office. Yes fog is an issue specially in Delhi which is the main reason for the accidents here which is a concern and can be reduced if we create less pollution by our deeds.


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