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    It is better to have a ceiling fan with a remote control?

    In the modern days, we are having remote for everything like coolers, Air conditioners and other household things yesterday I got an idea as I am sleeping I want to change the mode of my fan speed to low for that I have to get up and change the oscillation so it will affect my sleep. If the ceiling fan having a remote then we can easily oscillate the fan as well switch on and off the fan is also easy. What is your take? Are your Ceiling fans have a remote operate? What is your experience with this? What is your take on it?
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    There are ceiling fans with remote. They cost you Rs 3500/ and above. It is certainly convenient to have a remote-controlled ceiling fan. I do not have one but intend to purchase it as it will be convenient to control the speed or on/off function without getting out of bed. We have smart bulbs also which are wifi controlled.
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    Yes. There are fans with remote control. In many offices, we see them and they are being used by my sister in her house. They are costly. But definitely, they are convenient. We can on it, off it, alter the speed and very convenient in the nights. Without getting up from the bed we can operate these fans. These remotes for appliances are making us very lazy. We need not move and everything can be done from the place we are sitting. However, we want comfort and we are trying all sorts of facilities to have better comfort. Now we have Alexa in our house. If we instruct it to put on or put off the light it will do that. I don't whether we can use it for a fan but we can use it for TV also.
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    In winter season why this idea came in your mind?
    New technology is giving us more and more comfort in our daily life. Although living a comfortable life is good, yet too much comfort makes this body lazy.

    A new rich man gave all type of comforts to his only son. He had several servants to carry out his orders. This son was fond of playing video games. So, one servant would always keep standing at the gate of his room, when he wanted anything he would call his servant and the servant would carry out his order. One day his rich father arranged a bell and got placed it near his son and he said to his son, "Now, you don't need to call your servant, you just ring the bell and the servant who is on duty at your gate, will carry out your order as usual." The son asked his father, "Who will ring the bell?"

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    In many homes the switching system are designed two way that is one switch at the bedside and one switch the entrance of the bed room and thus one need not get up and change the speed of the fan.
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    Yes. There are fans with remote control facility. But why should we have it and become lazy and lazier? While we are talking about Yoga and other things to have our life extended, why think of remote control facilities to reduce our life.

    Once I was walking on the footpath. One guy came and showed me a gaslighter and said," Sir, this will light the gas stove without using your finger." I told him that I was happy with my wife giving exercise to her finger with a lighter. This lighter will stop her finger exercise. I don't need this."

    We need not to go with all technological developments. We can choose or ignore them.

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    The technological advances are aimed at making life easy and comfortable. The people who are regular at their exercises, yoga, and pranayama also make use of these gadgets. At times it becomes necessary to control a gadget while working. Instead of getting up in the middle of work and use the switchboard, it will be easier to control with a remote. One of my friends initially did not allow his wife to purchase a grinder. She was repeatedly asking him and he was refusing. So she started to do her manual work slowly and things were getting delayed. He realised after some time and purchased her that gadget. Such people will be there always and in such homes the woman and the children become restive. Modern gadgets save time and physical labor.
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