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    Is it the fact that close confidants of Management gets the promotion fast ?

    In private companies the performance of every employee are closely watched and even the close confidants among them are picked up and they are given the additional responsibility of minding others in their absence. This extra work is the recognition of their understanding the working style of the company and through which their profess and leading potential and subsequent promotions as other department heads in near future is going to be sure. Is it the fact that close confidants of Management gets the promotion fast ?
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    As far as my knowledge goes, such chances in big corporates are remote. But in small private companies chances may be there. In many private companies weightage will be given to the merit and hard working. The employees who work well, give more importance to the work and who are loyal to the company will be given importance. Generally. other issues will not be taken into account. In some companies, the MD will have some people who are close to him. But he will never promote him to higher levels. But he may give some money confidentially without revealing the same to others. But in the finance department, the MD will see that known person will be there in an important position. This will make him do some transactions confidentially and cash transaction can be done very confidentially and secret transactions will not be revealed to others.
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    It actually depends upon the culture of the organisation and the type of management and its strictness in carer planning matters. In some of these companies there is clear cases of nepotism and favour to the yes men. In general the people who are in the good books of the management get some advantage and benefit in one way or other. It is basic human psychology that plays a role there.
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    I am talking about private company with one boss and limited staff.
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    In small companies this is a common thing that the boss will like only a few who are dedicated and obedient to his instructions. This is a very normal thing. It is basic inherent human nature that the boss will favour the close employees.
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