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    Why application of mind is not regarded as a sense?

    We all are aware that we have five senses and they are the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Many will talk about a sixth sense which some may call as intuition and you must have heard many stories regarding the power of the extraordinary sixth sense of certain people. Now when we talk about sensible behaviour we mean that people must apply all their senses before acting. Is it really so? When somebody is behaving in a certain way that others feel not sensible enough can you pinpoint which of the senses she/he is not applying while behaving at that point of time? All the five senses are active but interestingly there is a lack in one thing due to which the behaviour seems not sensible. Its role is significant in all our actions but, unfortunately, that's not regarded as a sense. Can you say who is responsible for all our sensible actions? It's the mind. The mind has a great role which helps us to behave sensibly and we need to apply our minds to decide after the accumulation of information from the sensory organs. Then why the application of mind is not regarded as a sense?
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    What I feel that the application of our mind and later implementing as per our right thought process is called the sixth sense which character is absent in the animals and thus we are one up against them. Only the human beings are given the greatest trait called thinking and that makes us the top of the world person if the ideas are implemented to the gains and not loses. And here comes the wisdom , the learning experience and above all moving with the peer groups would set the agenda for the right kind of thinking. Therefore the application of our mind forms as the sixth sense of every human life. Some are having the robust thinking ability which they inculcate during the listening process itself and some gets the new idea while reading the same subject again and again and some gets into grove after writing them down.
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    What I feel is these senses are also controlled by our brain only. If the brain is not functioning properly we can't do anything. These five senses allow us to observe what is happening around. Eyes will see around. The nose will smell. Ears will hear. The tongue will taste and skin will get the feeling of touch. The observations will go to the brain through the nerve system and in turn, the brain will command these senses how to react. So the brain is the controlling part of the body and it is not sensing. But in controls the senses. Brian controls the whole body including the nervous system.
    These senses are different and sensible actions are different. What is to be done by each of our body party will be controlled by the brain only. I think we call somebody a senseless fellow. But we should call him a brainless fellow.
    Sensefellow is a wrongly coined word, I think.

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    Our mind is the master of all the senses and reflexes we have. It is the central command and receiver section and nothing is beyond that. It is the ultimate level of human consciousness. It takes all the decisions based on all the inputs received from the sensory organs from the external world. Sensory organs are a conduit to it for passing that information to brain and our mind takes cognisance of all the information that comes to us directly or indirectly or requisitioned by us or even the unsolicited ones - everything is analysed and processed by the brain at a terrific speed much more than the supercomputers and then mind takes a view on that. Our reactions are based on that amazing processing in our brain. Mind is the master of human life. It is the high command from where all orders are given to the different body parts to execute them in the desired fashion.
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    Our brain is like a CPU of the computer and what it understands and then orders the body parts for reacting is known as mind. Human mind is very powerful as it decides everything in our lives. Our senses collect the external data but it is the mind which decides what to do with that large information. Though all the senses are important but eyes are the one which collect maximum data. Hearing is the next important sense.
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