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    When the opportunity is there to flight why chose the train ?

    I came across one person who is the frequent traveler on office work and his presence is utmost need to the end customer as being the technical person the problem has to be addressed within short period and the company given him to use flight to reach destination and sort out and he chooses train or bus journey as he has the flight phobia. In that case he is losing the opportunity bestowed to him. When the opportunity is there to flight why chose the train ? What is your natural comment to this behavior?
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    It is true that going by flight saves time significantly and that is one primary reason for many people to choose that mode. But given a choice many of us like the travel in train. There are many comforts in train that one cannot have in flight. Going by flight is too congested and you are choked in a seat for say 1-2 hours and cannot stand freely and cannot roam here and there. In train travel we get stoppages at places and have the tea and snacks of our choice which is not possible in air travel. Except saving time there is nothing that can be said about the air travel.
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    The person whom the author has written about doesn't travel in aeroplane because of flight phobia, and travels by train or bus. I feel fear when I see large water- body. Perhaps I can't travel by ship.

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    If we have the fear phobia attached to something, that cannot be avoided.
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    The answer is in your question itself. The person you mentioned is having fear of going by flight so he is choosing other modes of transport. These days time is money and most of the time business travelers are using flights to save time. If booked in advance the flight charges and AC class sleeper charges are having little difference. This is also one of the reasons for taking a flight instead of the train.
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    The guy has flight phobia and wish to travel by train or bus only. Why he wishes to travel by bus or train is an irrelevant question asked by the author. It is like asking a diabetics,"Why are you not eating sweet for your good health?"
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    The author has answered in his thread itself. The person referred by the author is having flight phobia. So he avoids the flight journey.
    Generally, many people prefer trains if the destination is an overnight journey. After completing the day, he can get into 2nd AC or 1st Ac and sleep well and the next morning he will be on job. If he has to go by flight he has to waste some day time. Going in the late-night flights is also inconvenient. When I was working in an Organisation, I was travelling to Nagpur very frequently. There was a flight. But it is in odd time that is around 1300 Hrs. It is taking two days for me to complete my trip. But there was a late-night train. If I get into it the next day early morning I was in Nagpur. Attend the work and get into the train in the night. The next day morning I was back in Hyderabad. That means I saved a day. This is another reason for people to prefer the train for some journeys.

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    Mainly because of money. Number two, the the time is not having much difference as the travel time to airport, from airport, etc. In addition to flight fare we have spare taxi charges etc. If it is a single person, it can be okey but for a group train is most convenient.

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