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    Are we bothering more about others than the self ?

    There are many among us who are more worried about others and keep the tow on them as to what they are doing, what are their success, why they failed and even give our bit of advise to them. At the same time we are not giving time to ourselves to probe the failures and mises of our life and thus we are neglecting our own priorities. Are we bothering more about others than the self ? Why we get more interested to others problems when there are lots of problems galore need to be attended for ourselves. What is your take on this matter ?
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    It is a basic human nature to compare with others and due to that inherent wish people are curious to know about others as what is their life style, at what time they get up, how many hours they study, whether they go to the temple or not, whether they have some connections at high places which is making them prosperous, and many such general or specific curiosities. This is not essential to do so but God us made us too much curious and till our curiosities are not met we will be perturbed and disturbed to that extent. It is not a very good trait to do so but most of us are trapped in that type of bothering about others.
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    I agree with the author that it is a common habit of people to peep into other's life instead of theirs. Perhaps they enjoy this activity of theirs. Thinking about others and forgetting ourselves will bring us no good result. We should mind our business instead.

    This type of people are jeolous of others, I have observed if someone is progressing or someone's son has got a good job these jealous people will discuss this issue with like minded people. Their intention of discussion seems to be bad.

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    Actually, some people think more than necessary and hence comparing themselves with others for everything and what people will say such things keep coming in their mind. They should be more successful than us or their friends are bigger than us. Perhaps they have more accessories and money, a brand new model car or nothing, they seem happier than us. Do we compare ourselves to others in all these things? It is difficult to stop yourself from comparing yourself to others, nowadays everyone has to become perfect. Comparing yourself with others is very common and feeling jealous of them is also a common quality. But when you are troubled by just thinking about your shortcomings without thinking about your abilities, then you are going on the wrong path. If we start checking our achievements and efficiency, we can really move forward. By looking at yourself, you can get rid of your addiction to comparison
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    It is the human nature to ponder the activities of others. To some extent, it is alright but we should not stretch it unnecessarily to the extent it would affect our own work. In our organisation, if our boss praises a particular officer, we may feel jealous. Then comparison starts in what manner that particular officer is superior than we are. Every essential points will be taken into consideration of the particular officer namely his punctuality, his involvement towards and other related points which the same officer is following. Such a lengthy analysis would kill our time and may be at the end of such a session we would be exhausted. Hence instead of bothering the performance of others, we should concentrate on our job and proceed the same with the cautious approach.

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    Mr. Mohan, you have hijacked my idea. I am about to raise a thread with the same idea. These days, I find many threads about the qualities of others. How selfish, harsh talking, too much of talking, rougish behaviour etc, Some times thay are becoming judgemental of others. In one of my responses, I mentioned that. Many times, I wondered why they are so much concerned about others insted of focussing on self. First we have to have self introspection and try to see deep into ourselves. Wee come to know our strong and weak points and from that we can improve ourselves.There will not be time to ponder over others qualities. Mr. Mohan, you have raised a timely thread on a good subject.
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    We are staying in a lodge for one or two days. We don't care if found any discrepancy therein. Some persons may tell them to correct but not many. Once we vacate the room we never think about the discrepancy or bother whether they have initiated any step.
    But this cannot be so if it is for our close persons or to our house. Our mind normally circulate over there. If our relative or child of relatives headed or found not well, we took more care and even help them to get cured.
    If it is for blood related the mentality of ours will be worse and restless till we hear they are normal. They or others may comment on our such thought as why should bother like this.
    Practically it is inevitable.

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    Correct. Many people show unnecessary interest in the matters of others and try to find the faults. This is the tendency of the majority of the people. Such people maybe not thinking about their personal issues also so much. One should know that we have no right to be judgemental about others and other activities. Why they are behaving like that will not be known to us. Their point of view may be different. Life is theirs and they know them more than us. We can't get into their shoes and think. So it is never advisable to get into the matters of others. If they come and approach you, you can suggest an idea if you feel that will be useful to the other person. Otherwise, leave it to them.
    I have seen some people try to advise others with good intentions but by any chance, if it backfires we will feel that we misguided the other man. That is why one should try to avoid too much interference. First, let us understand ourselves. Let us introspect ourselves and if there is any need let's adopt the changes required. Let us not show unnecessary interests in the matters not pertaining to us. This attitude will be always better.

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