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    Peace and its importance

    Peace is a state of the mind. I love the word peace. In my opinion, this word is very effective in our lives. When a person is satisfied from inside and feels blessed for whatever he/she had and stop running for more and more, that person at that point feels that he/she is at peace. Expecting more is nothing wrong but running after a particular issue neglecting all others is not required. This feeling should come to our mind. Then we can have peace of mind.

    All human beings are equal. No one should be discriminated based on caste, creed, ethnicity, and colour. We are not here to have grudges against others and need not think that they are different. The world is a place to live in harmony. Life is too short and each moment should be enjoyed. Once you develop this thinking you will have peace of mind.

    Accept the realities. There is no need that we should be great at all points of times and we need not expect appreciations from others. Know that there is no necessity to pretend. Sort out the priorities and eat healthily. Then we will be at peace. If we have peace of mind, we will be happy in our life. when we are happy, we will be healthy and we need not visit the doctor many times.

    With peace, we can achieve patience, joy, positive thinking and other positive emotions. Peace will make us enthusiastic and we can enjoy little things that this life offers us. Peace is an ongoing process and it is not that today we have peace means we can't say that we will be at peace always.

    Not only for the individuals but also to the nation and society, peace is required. When the situation is peaceful everything will go normal. No fears and no threats. The nation will develop fast.

    Thus, the importance of peace is very high in the progress of individuals. society and the nation.

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    Peace of mind is epochal in our life. It is precious. It's incomparable. Its value can't be estimated. We can't live happily devoid of peace of mind but peace is not such a thing that can be purchased in market. No manufacturing company can produce it. No rich man can acquire it by dint of his wealth. It's a gift of God who does He grants rests in peace. It's a state of calmness. A man who has peace of mind forgets what tension is. He truly enjoys each moment of his life. He doesn't worry about heap of money. He is satisfied to what he has. He has no greed for name, fame and popularity among people. He lives in his small world.
    If affluence keeps him busy to hoard more and more money, so also scarcity keeps him worried how to survive. Bottomline is that excessive wealth and scarcity in wealth both deprive a man of true peace of mind.

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    "Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances." – Estella Eliot.
    Peace is the biggest prized possession a person can have in him. Many people yearn for peace in their lives and do a number of actions and try to adopt methodologies to get it but the true peace comes only when one is in total harmony with oneself. The world is full of complications of all sorts and searching peace there will be searching a star in the ocean. It has to be created within oneself by controlling ones lure to physical and materialistic attractions. Understanding ones worth and accepting the ways of God and destiny are the key elements for attaining peace in life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Peace and peace of mind is the universal requirement and no nation in the world wants war even though they are superior and powerful than opposite nation but still feel the peace because the after math of is dangerous and the progress would take the back seat to recoup for both the countries. Not only men and materials would be destroyed the very nature gets vitiated with war clouds and chemical reactions there off. Thus many wants peace and peace of mind in their life and for that purpose they are ready to walk one step ahead to restore world peace order so that everything gets going.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When two person are in an argument bringing peace between them is an art. When we are not having a peaceful state of mind our actions will not favour us to reach the expected targets or goals assigned by the companies. Peaceful state can not be attained within a day, it can be only achieved when we control ourselves or refrain to talk in various discussions within a gathering or group. It can be developed with proper meditation and clear vision to our dreams.
    Lead the leader

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    Peace of mind is sometimes the greatest thing in our life as no materialistic richness can give us it as it requires a direction from our inside to achieve peace. It is easy to say that we should have peace and we should acquire it at any cost but in real practical life it is not an easy task to achieve peace. One has to have control on ones desires and ambitions in order to have a control on ones anxieties and bothering which are necessary for attaining peace.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The piece is most precious in our life. In Mahabharata Sri Krishna told to Arjuna during Gita preach " Hey parth, agar sab kuch dekar shanti mile to samjho shanti sasti mili".
    People work hard in their life not only for money but the piece also. Piece is the state of mind. It can't be attained in life easily. For achieving it, one needs to sacrifice their extra desire in life.

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    A very good write up by the author which describes the importance of peace. Strangely, we search for peace everywhere in the outside world, but it is present inside us. It is an inherent quality of ours. As we have forgotten, we look for it externally. Peace is just a thought away. By creating a single peaceful thought, we can resolve all sorts of conflicts and get rid of chaos around us.

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    There is a pleasant feeling in the mind as soon as we hear the word peace. A person who cannot maintain peace and tranquility in his home, cannot live a life of happiness. Home is where there is an atmosphere of bliss. It is our duty to organize the house. We have not earned money due to the emphasis on earning the moment, but we have definitely earned stress-sorrow and unnecessary worry. Many times many of us finally get grief and stress due to a lack of proper coordination and harmony. Try to avoid it. If there is an atmosphere of harmony and harmony in the house, there will be peace and the path of progress will also be opened. For this, it is necessary that all the people of the house take care of each other's needs and difficulties and do not conduct anything that causes tension in the family. There should be an atmosphere of love and harmony in life. There is a need to get to the bottom of the reasons why there is a disturbance in life.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    It's important to have an inner peace to keep ourself mentally fit. Here are the reasons why should we attain a mental peace:

    It improves our concentrations as when we have a mental peace there will be less distracting thoughts.
    It increases our inner strength and helps us to handle the tough situations.
    It makes us feel self centred, focused.
    Being mentally fit helps us to fall asleep easily as when we are stressed.
    One doesn't easily get affected by what other says when we are not stressed.
    One enjoys happiness when he/she is relaxed.
    Being peaceful enables us not to be carried away by events, hardships and difficulties, and to apply common sense in difficult situations.
    It improves our relationships with other people.
    It makes life look brighter and brings forward a positive attitude toward life.
    It increases creativity and the ability to solve problems.
    One has to be satisfied with his/her life to gain mental peace. The people who always jealous of others for their status cannot get mental peace. So we must learn how to be satisfied with our life.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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