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    Let us celebrate Pensioners day today

    Dear all,
    Today 17th December is 'Pensioners Day".
    Today was the day in 1982 when the Supreme Court gave a landmark judgement guaranteeing the dignity and decency to the pensioners.
    What is pension?
    The definition of pension is well explained below.

    "Pension is neither a bounty nor a matter of grace depending upon the sweet will of the employer, nor an ex-gratia payment. It is a payment for the past services rendered. It is a social welfare measure rendering socio-economic justice to those who in the heyday of their life ceaselessly toield for the employer on an assurance that in their old age they would not be left in the lurch."

    Let all the pensioners who are member at ISC celebrate the day.
    I am a pensioner. Enjoying my life with my pension without any tension. What about the other pensioners here?
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    Happy pensioners day to all the members of ISC.
    Every year, December 17 is observed as pensioners day in India since 1983. The pension system in the country is introduced by the British government in 1857. This is a similar system that was existing in their country those days. The pensioners are the people who spent their active life in service of the country. We should appreciate their services and respect them.
    I feel the government should think of doing justice to the private employees from whom the government collected a good amount and the pension should be in proportion to the money they collected.

    always confident

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    The employees of Govt department got pension after completing their tenure in the service and it was a great help to them in their old age. Later on Govt stopped this scheme of pension and only defence personnels were entitled to this pension. The Govt employees who joined after 01.04.2004 will not be getting Govt pension after the retirement and instead will get a self contributory pension under the NPS scheme. This is a big loss to the people who have joined after 01.04.2004.
    The main advantage of Govt pension as compared to NPS pension or any other annuity based pension scheme is that the Govt pension increases time to time while all others are fixed as per the corpus deposit with the insurance company. This makes a big difference. My father had a Govt pension of only Rs 350 p.m. at the time of his retirement and at the time of his death at an age of 95 years he was drawing a pension of Rs 35000 p.m. That is the charm of the Govt service. Many parents used to advise their children to go for Govt service even if the pay was less than the private one.
    A non Govt employee like me will be getting same annuity throughout his retired life. For example I was getting an annuity of Rs 22000 after my retirement in the year of 2012 and after 8 years also I am getting only Rs 22000 p.m.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has quoted the definition of pension. I would like to pay thanks to him. It's informative.

    Pension is essential for an employee. It's like an obedient servant who stands by him when everyone leaves him helpless. A pensioner spends post-retirement days with self-respect, honour and dignity. He doesnot streach his hands before his son or daughter for money, rather, he is still capable to support them.

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    Good that the pensioners are also having the day and being celebrated on every December 17th. My grandmother used to tell that in those days the central government employees are preferred as the groom only on the big gain that they would be getting the pensions even after retirement and that would suffice to pull on the family.. I think she made the right observations that my father who retired in 1980 was drawing less salary on the day of retirement and when he died in the year 2007 the pension was considerably increased thanks to all the benefits he accrued in the form of DA and he was drawing a hefty figure and he used to tease us that he was drawing more than our salaries. And what was more interesting that my mother was drawing her family pension for three years without even seen my father office or work.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    This is an informative piece of post. Yes, pension is a very big safety measure in the old age of a person. It gives him a type of financial confidence and need not to depend on others for his financial needs. I have seen some lower income families where there was no other source of income than that of the pension and it was helpful not only till the husband was alive but a part of that was receivable by the widow also for her lifetime.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A government servant is appointed for a job until his death. They are asked to work from office until 60 years of age, and are asked to relax without any work at home until their death. The amount given as salary(pension) is for his wife also. After the pensioner's death his wife gets 60 percent of the amount as family pension.
    On an average, a pensioner is expected to live up to 90 years. When a pensioner crosses 80 years, he is eligible for an additional 20 percent of his pension. If he crosses 85 years, he is entitled for 40 percent of additional pension. If he crosses 90, 60 percent, and if he crosses95 , 80 percent, and if he makes a century, he will be drawing 100 percent additional pension(say double pension). However, the percentage of pensioners crossing 80 years are very limited. So government is not affected by this additional pension to the oldies.

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