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    Do you watch Television daily

    How many hours do you watch TV daily. Do you watch TV at all. If you watch what is your favourite program that you watch daily? Are you interested in movies, serials or only news? Many programs are broadcasted on TV and people have different taste and choose as per their interest. Some like to watch sports programme, some choose movies while some are interested in news and others in different other things.
    Share your experience about TV and the programs you watch daily on Television.
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    Earlier about 15 year back I was watching TV almost 2-3 hours per day and I was seeing all sort of programs in it including the comedy, movies, serials, and religious ones. At that time I started writing for the magazines, internet and many other local periodicals and slowly my writing seasons increased and I almost stopped watching TV since then. Now I am addicted to my writing sessions and do not get time for other indulgences.
    TV is definitely a good pastime but it is a passive pastime. We only enjoy it by seeing programs in it and to some extent increase our knowledge if we are seeing some reputed educational programs or good news channels.

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    Earlier, almost 10 years back I used to watch TV daily for 2-3 hours. But, now due to mobile and internet I completely left to watch TV. I gain all kind of information from mobile only. As per my requirement, There is no need to open TV. Sometimes, if breaking news happens in the country then only I open the TV otherwise, I am not having use of TV. I noticed that some people have kept their TV as luggage.

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    I used to watch TV, like news channels, horror serials and movies on TV but now I hardly watch TV. Internet is with us, it's a better platform where I can have all type of information, knowledge and enjoyment also.

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    Frankly speaking the time is not permitting to watch the television daily for many hours. Mornings would be dedicated to astrological predictions for twenty minutes and the I have stopped watching news which has become farce and one sided as each channel is having their own preference and we are not getting the right news or reactions. While returning from the office the Tamil serials would be watched along with the family for one episode which is seen as the compulsion having the dinner, Even the serials are not interested because the actors are changed in between the on going episodes and the new incumbents are not having the right connect to the opposite actors and thus lost sheen. So I have stopped watching such serials which always have more wife and more husband concept and that is very disgusting.
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    I generally will not sit before the TV to watch . Some days in our house we don't even put on the TV. Fortunately none of my family member's watch TV serials either in Hindi or in other languages. So majority of the time our TV will be off only.
    I used to watch news regularly on TV earlier days. But these days I stopped watching them. I read news also online. So I have no interest in watching news also. Now I see some musical programmes. I like SPB and Sunita who is a very famous singer. Both of them are very good . SPB's programme by name 'Paadutha Tiyaga ' regularly. If cricket live comes I will watch .
    These days I am getting live TV on my smartphone also. So we are watching on phone it self. Many programmes. I think slowly the charm of watching TV is coming down. Many people prefer spending their time on smartphone more than TV.

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    I watch TV for 1-2 hours daily. Earlier, I used to watch news channels in the morning but then the online school has replaced my news hours. Now, after finishing my daily chores, I like watching TV before going to bed. It can be anything including any serial, a good movie, or a match. During afternoon hours, my son watches TV, especially the "Snakes In The City" and "Primal Survivor" on National Geographic. So many times, if something interesting is there, I go and sit with him for a while.

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    I do not like to watch much TV. The first thing is that I do not get time to watch TV with my household chores and my written work and secondly I also like to read books when I get free time. But whenever there is a particular movie coming up and the whole family sits together and watches the movie, then I enjoy the movie with everyone because I like to watch TV like this with the whole family, apart from that I do not like watching TV serials at all, nor am I interested in reality shows, I only like watching a few nice movies.
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    Long back, yes, I was addicted to some of the serials in TV and it was a routine to watch them as per the schedule and for that we used to do our household jobs also in time or after the show as we were so much interested to watch those programs. Lately I have stopped watching TV mainly because my interest has switched to the You Tube channels and other information which is easily available in the mobile device.
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    Like Sanchita I also used to watch TV for more than 2-3 hours and mostly used to watch movies on different channels but after the introduction of smart phone that craze has almost died and now a days I hardly watch TV. It's only when my kids are watching it and I am also in the same room I do watch TV otherwise not.

    I remember the days when me and my brother used to sit for whole day watching the cricket match and grand slams of lawn tennis and never used to miss a single ball or point but not now a days as I feel that's waste of time.

    Comedy / horror movies I still like and still watch them sometimes with my kids. Comedy movies are always like stress relievers. Horror movies are always entertaining and I do enjoy watching them. It's of no use watching the news channels as they show same news all the time and it is boring to watch them . I just see 100 news they show in 15 mins on most of the channels.


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    By not getting addicted, I used to watch television. I do watch old Tamil films and news. While watching news we have to keep our mind neutral as many news channels are just confusing people.

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    I do not watch TV regularly. But whenever there are some important events like warnings of natural calamities, election results, or some other important events then I watch TV surfing channels to get the latest and somewhat factual news.

    Otherwise I do not watch TV in any regular manner. No one in my home watch TV regularly. None of us are interested in watching TV serials. We still have only a 14 inch CRT. I had written about this in some earlier contexts also.

    Some years ago we used to watch a particular musical reality show which was telecast in the night.We used to watch the same taking our dinner at dining table. After its finale we did not start watching any other shows or serials in TV.

    Nowadays sometimes I keep my small Jiophone1 mobile on dining table and play some news channel in Jio TV in it ,while taking lunch or dinner. It is more of hearing than watching. That is all.

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    Even I'm also not interested to watch TV nowadays. The last time I watched TV was on 5 August 2019 when all other communication was blocked. People are more attracted to smartphones than TV and get updates from the internet. Probably smartphones are handy and it always remains with a person, has increased its use.

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