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    Which political party has the inner party democracy?

    In India there are many national and regional political parties which are having sway over the voters in one place or the other and thus some parties are having good inner party democracies and their organization elections would be held regularly to fill the vacancies and keep the rank and file workers happy with party posts. But some parties are necessarily a family party and they do not allow others to have access on high posts and thus get disconnected even though good leaders and famed leaders are in those parties. What is your take?
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    As far as my knowledge goes, there is only one party which has inner democracy. That is BJP. There is no influence of a single person or family in that party. There is no history of selecting PM or President of the party from a particular family. The talent will be identified and due recognition will be given to talent. So far the chiefs of this party I have seen are from different families. Only the person actively participating in the party activities only will have a say in the party but not hs family members.
    Another party is communist party. In this party also there is inner democracy, I feel But they are not able to progress well and become a strong party to take charge of the government in the centre. Too many power centres spoiled the party.
    The other national party is Congress. This party is not having any inner democracy. The party president will be from a single family and he/she will have all the powers and take decisions. Electing a PM or CM is also not with the elected MPs and MLAs but will be decided by that family only.

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    While looking the past performance of BJP, we have seen how diligently this party is functioning towards their goals. We don't find that selection of PM, CM and other ministers are done with some unnecessary influence. They have their own rules of conduct and selection of such posts are effected through the proper scrutiny of potentials of the candidates. This cleanliness has enhanced its image and there is surge of the popularity of this party at all levels.
    The congress partying enjoying once overwhelming support from all sections as was evident in the Nehru's regime began to dilute with the progress of time due to the internal frictions and ultimately their rapport diminished considerably. Moreover centre of power could be seen within a single person's hand and the ministers at the centre felt helpless in taking up independent decision.
    The other parties such as RJD, JDU, CPIM had influential effects over some states but with the progress of time, their grip over their parties are on the decreasing trend. These parties would do better with the strengthening their machineries so as to revive as strong parties.

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    None of the political parties have internal democracy. At the national level, we have, mainly Congress and BJP. Both the parties are guilty of developing a personality cult. These two parties cannot survive if they encourage internal democracy.
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    Here we are talking about inner party democracy and not the personality cult.
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    Politics is a such a thing that personality cult has to be there sooner or later. Every party one day falls in that trap. It is extremely necessary because otherwise there will not be any discipline and order in the party. Main thing which is important is whether the individual on the top is trying to bring its family member on the top post or leaving it open for the capable person below him. If he is not bothered for his family persons rise then that itself is sufficient to qualify him as a selfless person and in that case all the party persons would be much encouraged as they would know that the future leader is going to be from among them only and not from the family of the present leader.
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    The personality cult erodes internal democracy. If there is internal democracy, personality will not take place. The person at the top will try to bring his or her family to succeed. If there is no family, the person at the top will try to bring those who are obedient to that person. The greatest danger of personality cult is that no one dares to tell the person of his or her faults.
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    Each political party will have its own set of rules, discipline and order and it is natural that the members have to follow that. So, the question of having democracy in the party comes after that only and if a person is not abiding those stipulations in the name of democracy then there will be a conflict and the high command in the party will take some punitive action against the individual also.
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    But many parties are floating their own norms and rules and pretend to be clean.
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    In a country like India, there is no internal democracy in political parties that's for sure. As if somebody tries to bring that immediately the party head will tell that you can put your own and run the party with your own ideas and views. Previously United Andhra Pradesh in congress within the State there are some congress party leaders who talk against their own Government in different aspects. Is it a political strategy or a Political stunt I don't know?. But when they go to Delhi and met Sonia Gandhi they will shut their mouths either by giving them some post in the party or in the government or some government contracts. As Media asked the former chief minister of the United AP (YSR) your party members are against the Government policies and Governance then he immediately replied in the Congress party having more internal democracy than others.
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