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    What kind of Channels do you prefer in You Tube?

    After reading a forum post, Do you watch television daily?, this topic remindedme about You Tube.

    I personally spend more time in YouTube than TV. With the help of technological advancement, we can watch YouTube in television. Smart TV, fir stick, chrome cast are helping out for it.

    Though we can choose our favorite shows in TV, the options are limited. The same show will be telecasted with different artists and in different names in other channels. So choosing a content in TV is limited. Whereas, YouTube and other other platforms, we have wide range of genres to choose. Even people without smart TV or for many comfort videos use mobile to watch videos.

    Now, I would like to know what kind of channels you had subscribed in YouTube? What kind of titles immediately attracts you?

    I'm very much interested in History and literature. Both are interlinked, so one topic carries to me to the other related topic easily. So, I subscribed to many of those channels which are giving inputs on history, literature and historical researches. Music is an add on.

    Share your favorites too.
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    There are many video sites in the internet but most popular and richest is YouTube in terms of quantity as well quality. There is plethora of information available in it and there are so many channels to choose from. If I say that it is an ocean of information then it would not be an exaggeration.
    One can search the topic of ones liking and though there are many entertaining things are there ranging from old classical movies to comedy shows but at the same time it is a much greater place for learning new skills in educational and other such learning arena. Students can benefit from the videos made by professionals in the respective field while people in the job can search their interest area very easily by refining their search in it. I personally prefer educational channels.
    I think in terms of visits of people this is one big site and the people who had made their channels in time and are delivering good quality are earning also from YouTube. Of course earning considerations are related to the views and visits of the people to ones channel.
    In fact I personally prefer You Tube over TV as options of learning are immense in the You Tube channels. I can only say that sky is the only limit there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When we are not having time to watch the television then where is the chance of viewing You tube channels? Surely not many would be watching the You tube and those who have the specific purpose do use the same. For example those who are interested to buy on line saris and dress materials have the reason to watch such channels which have the live feed every day and they keep on changing the designs and rates and thus the offers are also attractive to buy online during the festive seasons. Likewise the house holds are trying different recipes during these days as they are stay put in the home and and the children are demanding new menu daily as they are not treated to hotel food. So the daily recipes on You tube has become famous and many are getting benefited through daily a dish concept in their kitchen.
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    I like youtube as it is a vast source of entertainment, knowledge, current affairs, discussion, debate, travel, science, art, culture, war, nature, religion, politics etc. It covers all topics where ocean of knowledge is available . Now a days farmers' agitation is talk of the town. Satyahindi and national dastak are good to watch. For entertainment I watch Pranks videos and comedy videos. For geneal knowledge yiutube channel of Khan Sir is the best of all channels. He is versatile. Sometimes, I watch Short movies which last 10 to 20 minuets only.

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    YouTube has become very popular these days. Many budding artists use this platform as a way for their journey to climb the heights in their field of interest. Many young people who are learning some extracurricular activities like music, singing, dancing and many other arts, are trying to make videos and upload here. For some people it is helping in getting name and fame. Interestingly many short films are also coming and they are getting posted here.
    I spend a little time on YouTube. Many mythological aspects are discussed by many scholars. They are making those videos and posting them on YouTube. I always try to watch such videos without fail. We are able to understand many issues through these videos. I have been watching short films made by my relatives and friends. I see Telugu poems recited by good poets posted here. TV programmes which are good and I couldn't see when they were shown on TV, will be watched by me.
    I feel that we are becoming too much addicted to these programmes and wasting a lot of time. Let us restrict to watching only good and useful uploads.

    always confident

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    I watch old movie songs, old movies, educational videos, experts discussions on present political issues, videos on health by experts, videos on cooking, etc. At present more than websites with various topics in literature, youtube channels on various issues are attracting viewers. This is because we can enjoy and understand things through visual medium. We can get a reality of doing things practically with visual medium. Now a days to solve a daily issue of anything I refer youtube mostly.

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    There are many channels in YouTube and it is a great source of information on everything. There are so many subjects and topics covered in it and one can find out something of ones interest. I have interest in political analysis and English language for which there are so many channels by different people. Some of the channels are excellent while some of them are mediocre.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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