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    'Sorry' is the best solution of all disputes

    Relations in life have great importance. Mutual understanding is extremely crucial to keep the thread of the relationship strong and intact. Feelings of each other by each other should be taken care of. Where is love miffing is also common but sometimes it happens that we do some mistake which may hurt our partner whereas we assume of not doing any mistake. Sometimes small mistakes become big issues which result in the separation of a couple. Small disputes in a relationship should not be changed into big issues. In this situation, timely reconciliation can restore the relationship. and a considerate person does not hesitate to reconcile and narrow down bilateral differences. The best person is he/she who initiates to patch up without making it an issue of ego.
    Sometimes, we don't understand how to mollify our partner and mitigate prevalent tension between both of us, in this situation unconditional apology to our partner reinstate our relationship. Sorry has a magical effect. It never fails.
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    In a family relationship or friendship, sometimes conflict occur and then they are soon resolved also using the apologies and sorry is definitely one of the effective tools which many people use in their relationships especially in patching up matters. Apology works in a miraculous way and the affected person generally forgives then other person after hearing the sweet words of apology.
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    True. Don't make friends easily. But once you made friends, don't leave. If necessary suffer, but don't leave the friends. We all should remember always in our lives. Relations are required. Materials can be purchased with money but not relations. You may be very rich, but without relations you can't survive. Even a gold plate requires support to stand.
    Egos shouldn't come in way of keeping up relationships. When the other person is angry, if we keep cool the relationships will not get spoiled. Even though we are not at fault if we say sorry he relations will continue. After the tensions come down we can explain what is your point of view. Then the other person will also be respective.
    Even between the life partners sometimes small issues crop up. Then at least one partner comes down and say sorry the ego of the other person will comedown. That will help to Pacify the other person and a better understanding will come. So the word sorry works well many times.

    always confident

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    The word sorry is very important in life. If a person makes a mistake and apologizes for it, then the anger of the person in front of them goes away to a great extent. Just as forgiving is a good quality of personality, in the same way forgiving someone also works to add four moons to a person's personality. Everyone praises the person who forgives and his fame spreads far and wide. Forgiveness and forgiveness are both elements of human personality. But some people who make mistakes intentionally, repeatedly, and foolishly or arrogantly, should never forgive. In today's age, forgiveness is considered stupid. If someone tries to insult your personality, again and again, time says that it is appropriate to sacrifice such a person.
    Swati Sharma

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    The word sorry works like a magic if we repeat this word before our friends or with our close relations after some heated discussions with them. We should not hesitate in using the same word whenever we feel that something has gone wrong in our communication. This word would act as an ointment taking out the entire pain developed due to harsh words.
    However, you should also examine the intention of the man trying to insult you before your boss and later say sorry. In such situations your forgiveness will show your weakness. Hence you should also ensure how far it is justified to say sorry to an offender having an ulterior motives to insult you.

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    Actually there was a tiff between the co staff in my office and both had enough arguments and even shouted at each other and the office work has stopped functioning. Naturally the Boss called both and listened to each version patiently and arrived at the conclusion that one of them erred and he started the argument and that was worst. He immediately asked him to apologize the other staff and both agreed to compromise and take back their words and tiff. Thus all ended well. What I mean to say that the word sorry makes wonder and even the bitter moment can be avoided and brought to control.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Some people are having full of etiquette in their lives and they politely tell sorry or such words and people immediately forgive them. Everyone does mistakes or unintentional errors in life and sometimes it so happens that someone might get hurt with those things. In such circumstances it makes great sense to say sorry or feel bad about that offence even if it was not intended. An apology has instant effect on the other people.
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    I agree with the author. Small mistakes are bound to happen with the people and to apologise with the heart is the key to make relationships intact. But there are few people in the society too who never realise that they are wrong and don't apologise for their mistake because they don't acknowledge them. I have few such friends and they always think themselves to be superior than other as they think they never comit mistakes but others do. And there are people too who don't foget others mistakes and take them too seriously that they end their relationship for small mistakes. Both type of people are not good . We should always try to forgive people and forget the things and move ahead in life. I am a sort of person who don't take things very seriously but easily forgive people provided they realise it by heart that they were wrong otherwise there is no meaning of saying sorry and repeating the same mistake again and again.

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    Though the term 'sorry' ,'thank you' hailed from other countries, we have the same in our culture since many decades. These words depicts nothing but courtesy and use for giving respect to others' words. It was in practice that telling bye to the house persons when going out. Telling the where we are going.
    Many people thinks that expressing sorry only we made a mistake. But many of do not know we can use the word not to prolong the matter.

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