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    Gender equality: The era of fairness and justice

    Equality, in my opinion, refers to being fair in every aspect. Gone are the days, when it was just another concept or a subject to talk. It is the need of the present hour, and thus, it needs to be applied to eradicate imbalance that exists anywhere. We all love to live a balanced life, then why do we not appreciate the equal distribution of power between different genders. When we talk about equality between genders, we only think about the assignment of equal rights between men and women. We seldom give another thought about other genders that exist in our society. In India, three genders are male, female and transgender. In different countries around the world, many different gender identities exist. Some of them are agender, bigender, cisgender, polygender and many more.

    Considering men, women, transgender and other genders the same, is not gender equality. It means an individual irrespective of the gender will have easy and complete access to rights and resources which will facilitate full potential outreach. There will not be any constraints of any sort that gets implemented looking at their sexes. With gender equality, people belonging to different genders can rightfully claim the property or own it. The roles and responsibilities may get changed or at least will get shared. For example, the title 'bread earner', which was solely taken by males, can be given to people of different genders. Other genders can also enjoy the title of 'nurturer', which was taken by women or mothers to be precise. Everyone will have a right for better education, nutrition, health, salary irrespective of the gender they belong.

    Gender equality in workplaces is in high demand, and this is where a slight disadvantage can arrive. Less qualified and less skilful people may likely get employed over the deserving ones if a quota is equally distributed. Now, some may not feel that it is a disadvantage because they think that participation of all the genders should be appreciated. One thing to turn this disadvantage upside down, skills need to be instilled in other genders as much as they can level up with the highly skilled ones.

    Gender equality will allow people to be themselves. Their skills, opinions and experiences will get valued over their genders. When gender equality exists in a society, it means people of that society have a modern mindset in which they do not believe in stereotyping others. Society is changing not at the desirable rapid pace but gradually and the change is appreciated. To eradicate gender discrimination, in every sector, reforms are made. People of different genders co-live in a society. For any nation to prosper and progress, every individual must contribute to the full potential. To reach their full potential, they need to be accepted. By being gender bias, do not hinder the growth and progress. A nation cannot fight illiteracy, poverty or diseases if half of its population is wrongfully constrained and discriminated.

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    We have been talking of gender equality since many last centuries and to some extent we have achieved it also but still a lot of work is required to be done in this areas for providing equal rights and opportunities to each and every gender person that exists on this planet. Gender equality is simply a justice to all form of human beings as nature has produced them and they are part and parcel of this society only. They are not the aliens from some outer planet. It is the responsibility of all the world Govt to take care of this aspect and make all sort of legislation to facilitate the justice and respect to all the genders. With that approach the day is not far when we will reach the goal of 100% gender equality.
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    Gender equality is a subject we talk many times. When I thought of this topic I am considering three but not two genders and the author responded exactly as per my thinking. Why should we neglect the third gender? Why can't we do them justice? Wherever possible we should be trying to see that they will also have all the rights and responsibilities to them?
    Another point is my mind is why should we have different standards for different genders? From ages, females were not given a fair chance in this society and they always asked to be behind men. So for some time till they come and can compete with men in all areas, there should be some reservations for them and that is to compensate to some extent if not fully, the injustice was done to them.
    Mutual exchange of responsibilities and managing the things together is slowly coming in the families. But still, a long way to go. Hope the things will improve further and we see a different society.

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    Gender equality is a topic which is discussed from ages. Women empowerment has changed the thoughts of people and thus women also stand along men in almost all fields whether it is politics or lorry driver. Women play key roles to show that they are not the same as they were in the early ages. They are well educated, educate the society too that they should be treated equally when the pay scales are decided by companies. Men have also attached values to bringforth respect and are more conscious in their actions than earlier when women were treated as slaves, beaten, harassed at homes.
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    Many a times we have been raking up this subject and the most of the responses were advocating for the equal rights of all genders cutting across the people from every state. But in reality there is no space created for the gender equality as everybody wants to dominate in their own course of action and thus the very essence of equality trait goes for the six. It is the fact that transgenders are not getting the rights what they want and they are subjected to humiliations and disrespect in the society and thus they are relegated to beggar type of of situation everyday to pull on their life with great difficulty. The society is not ready to accept them friends and well wishers and that kind of distance is making them go other way lead the life and that brings many problems and challenges to their life and ordeal.
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    Your write-up has perfectly nailed the topic. I loved the style of your writing and the viewpoint as well. Gender equality is a big issue, and giving equal importance to every human being irrespective of its gender is yet to be achieved. Hopefully, it will exist one day.

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    Gender equality has been discussed by the people from long time but never have been followed by the people strictly. We say that males and females are equal but somewhere sometime we ourself differentiate between them. In our society we still see a woman as a home maker and our expectation from her is to make food and take care of the kids. Still the women who work are held responsible to take care of the kids and prepare meals at home. At work at certain level women are promoted but after that they are not promoted like men. It's sad that our society has the mindset that women are weak gender but we forget that women are emotionally stronger than the men and keep their head cool when stuck in difficult situation unlike men.

    Still in our society we folow the rituals which are against women . It's upsetting because when girls are coming forward and are performing better than men at work, we still differentiate. We need to stop this for the growth of our nation.


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    Gender equality is a topic discussed widespread everywhere irrespective of countries. But my view is we can never compare the Gender on any account. If there a comparability, why there are two genders. Each gender has its own capacity and norms and it is not good to compare and equalize them. We cannot equalize gender on any account. If we see a house where a mother or wife is living that the house is worth seeing, everything we can see neatly. But if we go to a bachelors' room, we cannot expect such cleanliness and neatness. Even a male member returning from office tired normally feel better if he served with a cup of coffee. If equality discussed and the female gender also struggled in office and return home such expectation cannot be done or even a husband cannot serve a cup of coffee to her. We never compare the women's work in the home as hers is many more multiple than of a women working in office.
    Unless otherwise the working male totally share the work of women without any hesitation or second thought, we cannot speak about the equality. We cannot compare a manager and a staff as both are human equally graduated etc., Manager and staff are doing their allotted job. Similar to this the gender is created to do respective jobs and on no way we have to equlize.

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