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    The spirit of the volunteers never dies

    In my locality, there is one playground cum park where we were doing some volunteer work in the morning and sometimes in the evening also and it was in a very good condition. Unfortunately, in February and March, 2020, when corona pandemic struck in India, we stopped going there and it remained in neglected condition. Then during the rainy season all sort of wild plants grew there and it became almost like a jungle and it became so dense with grass that it was difficult to enter the area as there is a danger of snakes also in such a situation. Last month some of the senior citizens told that as corona seems to be subdued, why we cannot go their with wearing mask and keeping social distancing. We all liked the idea and contacted the municipality who sent their crew for one time annual cleaning of the grass etc and trimming of the trees and then it became easy for us to resume our work. Now more people have joined and after working for a month it has come to a good shape, almost back to its earlier glory. Human beings have immense potential and everything is possible as the spirit of the volunteers never dies. I wanted to share this encouraging information in the forum.
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    Kudos to the author and his friends for taking this matter in their hands to fix up the park voluntarily. It's a kind of social service. Generally, people don't bother to do social work if they don't have benefits but doing any work without any personal gain or selfishness, it is great to act for fellow citizens.

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    It is very good to note that people are coming and participating actively in such works. Even now many of the people are having the fear of COVID 19 and taking all precautions while going out. But people started moving. This shows that normalcy is coming back into society.
    Many people are ready to work as volunteers and do some useful work for society. We should welcome such people and we also should participate in such works as much as possible. This will make this world a better place to live in and we will have good cordial relations with other people.

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    Good traits prevailed with author and his friends for restoring the park to the past glory and thus the contributions of author and his friends need to be appreciated that why should we wait for some one to do something when the initiative can be made and done. During the NTR regime in AP then he brought the public -govt participation on small developments in which colony associations are involved and thus the works were going on with full participation. That kind of spirit must be inculcated by all .
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    Thanks everyone for the appreciation. In the pre-covid times I was much active in that park but now I am not so much involved due to my backache and other health related issues and able to go there only 2 to 3 times a week. So my physical contribution there is minimal out of all the persons working there. Still, I feel pride in going there and recollecting my past memories by joining them. These things give us immense happiness and satisfaction.
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    The same thoughts were discussed in the forum earlier too by other members. It is indeed a very good thought that we should keep our surroundings clean. Especially where there are plenty of trees we can get enough oxygen to keep our selves hail and healthy. If the place looks eloquent many would like to visit so that few members who had contributed will get satisfaction for their contribution.
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    The real and devoted volunteers will never leave their passion. I have seen a few people who are doing some plantation work in the nearby hillocks in our town. They are doing it for about 5-6 years continuously and there is very little help from the civic authorities but these devoted people are doing their work relentlessly from so many years and now there are hundreds of trees which have become quite big in the area and giving shadow to the people who go there in summer time for just a walk or outing. Their contribution is very big and they have achieved it slowly and slowly with their sustained efforts.
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