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    Progress will be achieved only by harmonizing rights and duties.

    The country is not identified only by region. It has its own identity, its own reference, its own ideal. It has its own culture, its own traditions, its own rites. The greatness of a country comes from its ideal men and women. The democratic system of the country is completely based on the freedom of the citizens of the country. The rights given by the constitution are called fundamental rights, which cannot be withdrawn from us in ordinary times.

    But it is often seen that people are either unaware of their rights or some people misuse their rights. We should enjoy our rights without interfering with the freedom of others. As citizens of the country, we also have duties and responsibilities that we must fulfill.

    If all citizens take care of these things then only the country can move forward on the path of progress.
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    True. We have rights and also have responsibilities. Never misuse rights and never forget the responsibilities. Then only the country will progress. Many citizens talk about their rights. They say we have this right and that right. But they never try to use them properly without interfering into others territory. One should remember that like you, the other person is also having some rights. We should be careful and see that we will not grab the rights of others.
    At the same time as responsible citizens of this country, we have some responsibilities and we will never forget them. Many of us will forget them very conveniently. That is not a good trait. When we use our rights and taking up the responsibilities properly, then only we can develop and the country will also develop.
    Rights and responsibilities should go hand in hand.
    When responsibilities are accepted only we can say that we are doing our duty as the citizens of this country.

    always confident

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    Author has raised a valuable thread which is now connecting with the current burning topic of farmers agitation and the face off with the center and thus SC has to intervene and form committee to settle the demands. While the farmers are protesting invoking their rights to protest against the new farm laws, where as the Government on the other hand has invoking its duties to fulfill the promises made during the elections that far reaching amendments to the old farm laws would be brought in. While the both sides speak about their stand clearly the court has to intervene and seek for a amicable settlement through a committee appointed by it. Nevertheless the thread which raised this question has the answer in my content and what is more surprising me that this farm stir is not by but through the few.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Everyone has got rights as well as responsibilities associated with those rights. The problem comes when an individual starts invading in others territory and with his position and might starts troubling other people. That is something which is responsible for the downtrend of a society and is detrimental for the growth of the nation. Those in power have no right to trouble others in the name of rights. Until these people understand the privacy of others and respect others, our country will not progress. It is unfortunate that there are some elements who are not thinking in the larger perspective for the country and are busy in pursuing their own selfish interests.
    Knowledge is power.

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    No one is entitled to the rights without duties. Even in a family, member's rights are there if those family members contribute their bit. Anyone who shirks from his or her responsibilities does not earn rights. This is true in a bigger perspective also like in society or nation. So if someone makes a hue and cry about his rights, it should be investigated whether he is performing his duties or not.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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