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    Modern mindset of society - a paradigm shift

    The evolution of human beings is an interesting subject and the changes in mindset of humans is still a bigger subject to analyse it and to find the reasons and circumstances for such phenomenal changes. The primitive humans had full time engagements in searching the food and protecting themselves from the wild animals as they shared the same space using the caves and other natural dwellings for their safety. The discovery of fire and methods to ignite it gave the mankind its first effective weapon which even the most powerful animals feared. Making of huts and social dwellings then led to a more organised form of living and with the highest level of consciousness level humans were able to invent newer and newer things which made technological and scientific progresses possible on this unique planet. The most amazing thing with the human race is that it is never satisfied with what it has achieved and yearns for more. That is the mantra and the key point for the phenomenal progress in so many areas so far in the world. Today we are striving for a world where Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will do everything for us and in place of physical servants the people will enjoy the life with digital devices and robots of all kinds fully controlled under their remote controllers held in their palms.
    This progress has come to us at some cost and today we all are busy in the virtual world communicating with all sort of people whom we have never met and getting our most of the work done remotely using the mobile communication and IT technology. Our behaviour is changed drastically and we have all the time to chat and communicate with our followers or to whom we follow, around the world, but no time for the people who are physically present around us in the family or society or the workplace. We have ourselves become a sort of perpetual machine which is working relentlessly on a handheld or laptop device. There has been a paradigm shift in the mindset of people in the modern times.

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    Good thread from the author, as we grow along with the time, we get to adapt and amend our way of living and thus gain to new knowledge, new existence and new way of life much to the surprise of our own and others. There has been major shift in the behavior and know how from the mankind to explore new possibilities for the very existence and we have been making the life ease with new innovations and find and those who are successful and have the power to prove, has been ably supported and their find is aped as the iconic innovation and total acceptance from the society we live.
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    The relation between human evolution and the gradual change of mindset is beautifully expressed. The advancement of technology is having many advantages but is also associated with many disadvantages. And the important part is, we all know this fact at our conscious level of mind but still we are not able to get rid of it. Everyone is on social media sites updating status on daily basis but we do not find it necessary to check about the well-being of our neighbours.

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    The author has posted a very good thread. Today we are all part of the virtual world, but we should know that in the virtual world, if your life does not know the ups and downs of your life, then relatives or close friends do not know, but your virtual connected friends with your one- If you know one thing, be careful. Whenever this information will be revealed in front of your loved ones, then the real relationships will get sour. That is to say, share your mind with your real relationships, not just tell everything to virtual friends. Remember, you will have your own work in difficult times. So whenever you feel that you are sharing too much talk with virtual friends, then take a break from social media, keep the distance from it. We should develop ourselves with new technology but should not forget our loved ones with whom we are living our life in the real world.
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    I would say, though there was a paradigm shift in the mindset of modern society to make life easy for everybody with the technological advancement, we have lost many things in our life, especially true love, affection, and care for families and friends. The joint family system has vanished due to selfishness. Wealth accumulation has become the primary goal in life. Helping attitude diminished and watching attitude increased. Family elders are sent to an old age home. Rape is on the increase. Corruption has become the order of the day.

    Technology improved, but mindset worsened.

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    Technology is taking more space in our lifestyle. Dependency on technology is now prominent in our lifestyle. In earlier days we used to go to the switch to on a device. But now we can on the switch from the place where we sit. This is how our lifestyle changed. Human interaction and human relations are losing their importance. We enjoy everything on virtual platforms. In a family, all are friends with their own hand instruments and they never have time to speak a word with the other member of the family.
    I feel we are using this virtual world too much and neglecting the people around us. It is not a welcome feature. Too much is never advisable in any aspect. Wasting time on social media is the norm of the day. Let us come back to the realities and let us understand the importance of relations with other human beings and try to maintain good relations. Then we can say that the change in our lifestyle is for the betterment. Otherwise, I feel we are losing a lot.

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    In the technology era, we all have forgotten the meaning of the relationship. All are living their way. Most of the people are busy with an electronic gadget. They never ask for well being of their family and friend. Most of the people living for self. Money has become the primary goal of life and relationship is secondary. Thus, there has been a major shift in the paradigm of modern society.

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    This is an interesting post. Yes, it is very true that we are nowadays busy with our devices floating in the virtual world and ignoring the real world around us. We are seeing everything happening in the virtual world and not thinking about the real world around us. This is somewhat a pity state as our creativity is being hampered by this addiction of the digital world where only some likes, thumbs up and love signs are being interchanged without any seriousness in them. If this trend continues, society will be transformed in a very bad situation which will not be a good thing for the whole human race.
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    Nicely presented by the author about modern mindset of the society.

    Yes the invention and use of fire was the first step and evolution of human beings. It was the important invention as the human civilisation also developed with it. Before it we used eat raw things but after the invention of fire we started cooking the food.

    Also the invention of wheel was important as then we developed the means of transportation. Before that we used to waste hour precious time on travelling but after that we started using transportation and drastically saved our travelling time. Likewise the invention of electricity was the turning point.

    And we still have not stopped here and invented lot of things which make our life easy and comfortable. But as it's said everything's has pros and cons as we have also invented many things which are harmful for the mankind like nuclear weapons. Also we have been so much dependent on the things that we have started using them excessively which has polluted the environment and made other creatures difficult to live on the earth.

    It's not the end as we are still inventing the things which are making our lives easy.


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    The author has done full justice to the topic given by me as a challenge. He has very well described the reasons which changed the mentality of the people and how the modern mindset has provided the means to communicate with remote people through a virtual world and has made near and dear ones away from us. The saying that everything comes at price stands true here because we all had to pay a heavy price. We had to sacrifice our emotional attachment to become technologically advanced. Whatever may be the case, it is up to us to get back to our roots, and not neglect our relations and at the same time, we can keep advancing in other fields too.

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