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    If the stars are favoring good gains then who can stop it?

    Though many may not agree and believe that stars of the day movements would also pave way for gains or loses according to their places and the faces against the other stars, though we may give the hundred percent efforts, if the stars are not favoring then good gains are not possible and if the constellation of stars are good then who can stop it from rewarding us. Some may argue that our hard work alone paves the way for gains or loses in life but good days and time also matters in life and that is the take of achievement by some against all odds.
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    Stars may help the individual. But his initiation and interest are more important for the success of an individual. If you want to have a light in the darkroom you have to go to the switchboard and on the switch then only the light will glow and start giving lighting. But if you sit on your cot and wait for the lights to glow, that will not happen even though stars are favourable to you. This is a fact. So never think that God will do everything for you. If you have good intentions and if you are ready to work as required your result will be better. In addition to your efforts, if the stars are in good disposition the results may far more encouraging.
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    In a general way, this matter that stars are going good or stars are going bad has great importance for some people. It's one aspect of this matter, others don't think so. They don't believe in these stars movement. They think their hard work, self-confidence and carrying out their planning with best of their abilities is important for them. They don't see that stars movement affect their success or failure.

    I think destiny plays an important role in our success and failure. Circumstances take shapes in accordance to what is predestined for us.

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    Its all depend on the trust and belief on the astrological predictions daily,
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Truly, the luck matters. The star favours. Though one may work hard to achieve, they may not achieve it. One may not work hard, but achieve it easily. Look at a person who buys a lottery ticket and gets a crore. That's what the luck due to favouring star. But if we go behind the star to find its favourable position, we may not know the star. It is difficult to predict the star's favourable position.
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    I believe that with proper efforts and faith in God, we can make things favourable. That is the meaning of the Tamil saying" Vidhiyai mathiyaal vellalaam"( We can beat fate by intellect).
    The same is reflected in Malayalam saying " Mantram kaal mathi mukkaal"( one fourth is mantra and three fourth is our own intellect and effort).

    We cannot, and should not sit idle blaming or wholly depending on fate and stars. As I often use to quote" Pray to God. O sailor, but row towards the shore".

    We have any number of examples in our Puranas and other texts where people had changed the fate or 'stars'by their intellect and persistence. One example is that of how Savitri gets back the life of her husband in 'Satyavan Savitri' story. There are more such examples in various contexts.

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    This is really a very interesting forum post for discussions as it certainly makes us more aware of the realities in our lives. Since our early childhood we had been hearing from our elders that human beings are the toys in the hands of God, destiny is the supreme and canon be altered, luck is the most deciding thing in our lives, if stars favour us who can stop our progress, we have no control on good or bad times in our lives etc.
    When we hear these things our mind also shaped in that direction and we also start thinking that we do not have anything in our hands and we cannot shape our destiny as things will happen in the prefixed manner and we are only a mute observer. So this thinking gives a good amount of solace to us and we remain happy in spite of the setbacks in our lives. That is one major benefit of believing in all sort of those doctrines.
    That is why in our holy scripture Bhagavad Gita it is very clearly affirmed that we have to relentlessly work and work and do not bother for the results or fruits of that hard work because they may be there and they may not be there.

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    The nice thread has been posted by the author for discussion as there are many who have a different opinion on this subject as per their own experience, many people believe that your stars make your fortune and luck to write your luck. I don't know much about fate. And I never trust anything like fate. According to my, I am scared of those who believe in such things. But yes, if there is luck then for me it is quite clear, luck means those who work hard and those who have recognized the opportunity, luck is with them. You just have to increase your level of hard work, do one day and night to get success. We will get the bonus of our work on the day when people will appreciate our work heartily and people will also see your hard work behind your success one day. As long as we are standing on the ground, standing with full vigor and moving fearlessly, no force can stop us from reaching our destination.
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    For many work is the worship but that work has to be done at right time to have the intervention of luck factor.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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